Watch Colby Keller Bottom For Brandon Cody

Brandon Cody breaking out of the Sean Cody orbit and making his mark with MEN is giving us some stellar scenes. Take “Fire Island Fuckfest!” Brandon and porn artiste Colby Keller shuck their board shorts after a day on the beach and turn their quartershare’s couch into a jizzy playground. And Colby’s getting his tight […]

I Can’t Enough Colby Keller

Tis’ true, Colby Keller was here yesterday. But it’s Colby Keller! You can never have enough Colby Keller. And what’s this MEN scene about? Colby’s doing some spelunking! Colby Keller reaches deep inside Jacob Peterson with his hard cock. And if there’s anyone I would team with Colby at this juncture, it would be Jacob […]

Camp CockyBoys: Colby Keller And Sean Ford (At 50% Off!)

So I effed up big time this summer. I got an invite to a pool party at Camp CockyBoys and didn’t go! I KNOW. It was during NYC Pride, and I was in the area and everything. I had made other plans for Pride but I’ve been thinking of that missed opportunity (porn stars in […]

Colby Keller Brings A Sean Cody Man Over To MEN

You might recognize Porter from his Sean Cody scenes. Well, he’s hit the big time! He’s over at MEN now and his first scene is with none other than porn artiste Colby Keller! He’s Jake Porter now and, judging by this scene, he’s going to be one to watch at MEN. Click here for more! […]

When Titans Smash: Colby Keller And Ashton McKay

WHEN TWO OF MY FAVORITE PORN FUCKERS COME TOGETHER IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY! MEN has stuffed the gorgeous Ashton McKay’s cock into the world-famous Colby Keller’s tight ass! Ashton’s “Addicted To Ass” has reached it’s highest, achingly unbearable peak! Watching two of the sexiest men in porn go at each other has made my […]

My Whore Of A Roommate: Colby Keller & Co. Make With The Orgying

My takeaways from MEN’s My Whore Of A Roommate: – I love when Colby Keller bottoms. – Paul Canon’s porn characters are always starting shit. In Cuddle Puddle, Paul’s the one who got everyone to dogpile on Dalton Briggs’ cock. In this scene, he’s the one showing off roommate Jacob Peterson’s dick pics. You’re trouble, […]

CockyBoys: Colby Keller’s Back! And He’s Fucking Jeremy Spreadums!

Can you imagine how many dirty pics I go through each day from the porn studios? A LOT. They vary in quality, of course. But sometimes a photoset stands out as just gorgeous, and the pics provided with Colby Keller and Jeremy Spreadums’ new scene for CockyBoys are just that. GORGEOUS. These two look good […]

Colby Keller And Wesley Woods Are “Mesmerized” For MEN

At a certain point in this scene, when Colby Keller is blasting his ass, Wesley Woods lets out a loud, gutteral moan that perfectly captures what Colby’s dick is doing to his insides. And to my jerking off plans tonight. It’s like “AAEREYAYAYHHHHH!: Yes, Wesley. We hear you! We feel your (exquisite) pain! The latest […]

CockyBoys: Colby Keller And Jack Hunter Should Do This Together All The Time

Colby Keller had ALREADY fulfilled my weekly quotient of “Colby Keller is porn royalty for a reason” this week with his flip-fuck fiesta with Jay Roberts when CockyBoys dropped ANOTHER new scene of his. In this one, he’s paired with fan favorite Jack Hunter. It’s what they call a “keeper.” Colby can no longer stand […]

Switching It Up: Colby Keller And Jay Roberts Flip-Fuck

Porn artiste Colby Keller and Jay Roberts (recently loosened up by Dato Foland) are switching it up like crazy in this latest from MEN’s “Gods Of Men” imprint. Maybe A Match is a dumb title cuz’ duh, they sure as fuck do! Keller and Roberts match each other suck for suck, rim for rim, assfuck […]