ICYMI: I Had to Service ALL of Them

In Case You Missed It Wrap Up:
March 7, 2016


Good lord am I glad to be back home after all that time in Florida. They may have a lot of sun and some cute guys, but the humidity down there is entirely unacceptable. Plus I just spent the whole time watching New York porn anyway. So I’m back in the right spot.

After that time away though, there’s a lot of backlog in my porn inbox so this week is gonna be pretty packed. Here’s some stuff we didn’t get to talk about (or you may have missed) while I was away:

– You people need to stop photoshopping Johnny V’s dick to look bigger. It’s plenty big on its own.

– You guys totally helped me solve this mystery for a MHD reader! You rock.

– I think we deserve a Helix scene where everyone doesn’t look quite so hungry. AdequatelyNourishedTwinks.com

– I actually jacked off twice to this strip poker thing from Next Door Ebony. *eyeroll emoji* Oops.

– “I had to service all of them before the threw me around and took turns pounding my ass and shooting their loads in my ass and face.” I think Frat X descriptions is just plagiarizing from old OZ scripts now.

– I know opinion about JR Bronson seems real mixed around here, but I’ve had a thing for that ass for a long while now.

Joel Vargas is just super cute. I can’t explain it. Plus there’s actual shorts in this one!

– Everybody really liked this “Armond Rizzo fucks a giant” scene. Thanks to T for texting me to know it was good! More of that!


Randy Blue Universe presents Kevin Falco fucking Julius Taylor Raw

– Everybody really liked this “Armond Rizzo fucks a giant” scene. Thanks to T for texting me to know it was good! More of that!

This is the gay porn version of  A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Minister Walk Into a Bar…

– Sure it’s awkward. And sure there’s no sweatpants. But. You know. It didn’t stop that monologue my penis has to my fist about six times a day.

Whips and chains and hot wax are things all boys should learn to love.

– It’s very tempting to just turn this site into a Cockyboys Fan Site because they keep making SUCH GOOD SHIT. And also because Tayte Hanson and Topher Dimaggio are so gd hot it hurts my balls.

Gabriel Cross is hot but also really talented at putting big dicks inside of him and making me believe he loves it.


– I watch BiLatinMen.com’s new stuff every week and I like it even if I don’t post about it.

– I had so much fun putting this list of top tumblr exhibitionist masturbators together.


There was definitely other stuff, but those were the highlights for me. Like I said, there really is a lot to get through this week, in addition to Story Time, Ass Wednesday, Tweets of the Week, and a new Position of the Week. Stick around. It’s gonna get weird.


– tyler


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