Just For Fun: Position of the Week

This one’s an advanced-level technique.


And also, after about two minutes of gif watching for this, seems like more trouble than it’s worth. But we’re here to expand our horizons! And thanks to the good ol’ Gay Sex Positions Guide tumblr, that’s what we’re doing.

This week’s position is Bumper Cars!




Normally the gaysexpositionsguide.com concierge would also show positions that lead into this or incorporate this in some way. But I guess this one takes so much focus that once you’re here, you stay here. Try it at your own risk!


That’s some Cirque Du Soleil bullshit right there. I’ll probably stick to this one.


– tyler


9 thoughts on “Just For Fun: Position of the Week

  1. Well has anyone actually done this IRL? Because it seems rather a lot of work when doggy or missionary are avalible.

  2. I have done this before, we started both face down with our heads and feet together, and then he turned while still inside me until his head was at my feet, it was real awesome.

  3. I personally like this position when I bottom, from time to time, because every single thrust seriously pushes against the prostate and makes my dick drool precum like crazy and if done long enough I’ll pop my load in the middle of it.

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