Ballet dancer posts thirsty ad seeking room to rent, gets 400 replies, none offering housing

Saverio Pescucci describes himself as a “super chill, friendly, gay [and] Covid responsible” ballet dancer. Last week, he published a thirsty apartment search ad that quickly went viral. Pescucci posted in Gypsy Housing, a private Facebook group with roughly 285,000 members, saying he was seeking for a room to rent either in Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan. He also included a few photos of himself.

“I saw a lot of people … were posting pictures of themselves, like selfies and casual photos, to show that they’re not sociopaths or what kind of lifestyle they have,” Pescucci tells The New York Post. “I did the same [but] I was not imagining that it would turn into an episode of ‘The Bachelor.’”

Before he knew it, his post had over 600 likes and 400 comments. Unfortunately, most of them had absolutely nothing to do with his housing situation. “[The] hot ones are never straight,” one woman wrote.

“You’re cute,” another added. “That’s all I have to offer you. A compliment.”

“You won’t be paying rent for too long once you get here,” a man commented. “[You’re] f*cking hot.”

“I don’t have a room,” another guy said, “but I have space in my heart.”

The 29-year-old dancer insists that he never intended to post a thirst trap and that he really was just trying to introduce himself to the group in hopes of landing a new roommate. “I was not uncomfortable [with the comments], I just was really overwhelmed,” he says. “It was like, like, like, comment, comment, DM, DM. It was just a lot.”

“Life is unpredictable and you never know,” Pescucci continues. “Maybe my future husband will be one of the commenters on this post.”

Via Queerty

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