What’s your kink?

Troye Jacobs makes his CockyBoys debut exploring his simple kink: getting used by a hot top. Enter Austin Wolf who is more than happy to make this fantasy happen in his own inimitable way. 

Austin eases Troye into it, holding and caressing him, and slowly feeding him his cock. Then, holding Troye’s arms behind a chair Austin sensually strokes his cock before slipping his fingers under Troye’s balls, fingering his hole & kissing him. And with that Troye is seduced, taking Austin’s cock into his throat.

Austin continues to kiss & stroke Troy and even suck him back before fingering his hole again. When Austin sits down, Troye eagerly gets on his knees sucks him deep and power through his gag reflex.

Austin reaches around to finger his hole and murmurs “good boy” type praise to Troye who soon takes his subtle commands with a “Yes Sir” and sits on Austin’s cock. Austin holds Troye using his hole before letting him ride his cock.

As Troye rides Austin facing the mirror, he really gets used as he wanted. Austin holds him by the throat and grinds into him while slipping in his fingers. Soon though Austin carries Troye to bed to fuck him on his back.  Austin holds him by the throat and nearly pounds him off the edge of the bed before he flips him over to fuck him from behind with his brand of passionate manhandling.

Austin puts Troye into a 69 position and works over Troye’s hole again while the sub feeds on his cock. Austin lets Troye sit and grind on his cock one more time before he takes control and fucks him on his back, steadily until Troye shoots his load. Right way Austin strokes himself and as he starts to shoot. he slides back into Troye for an intense, quivering orgasm and mutual euphoria.


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