I Love New York

Floyd Johnson has just proposed to the man of his dreams, Luca D’Amore. The newly engaged couple has back to their place where Luca finds a romantic setup in the bedroom complete with rose petals. As the clothes come off, the couple gets on the bed and Luca fills his mouth full of Floyd’s cock.

Luca proves why he deserves his new ring by going all the way down to the balls on Floyd’s piece. After gagging on his fiancé, Luca gets back spread eagle to give Floyd total access to his smooth crack.

The rimming continues with fingers and tongue until Luca gets on top and rides Floyd’s swollen dick bareback.

Luca takes every inch of Floyd’s dick in multiple positions before dropping to his knees and sucking the cock that was just in his ass until his mouth is filled with Floyd’s load.

After swallowing his mans cum, Luca strokes his own ropes out onto the floor.


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