Cut or Uncut? Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals It All in Amy Schumer’s New Doc

If you’ve ever been curious about what Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal is working with down there, well then I guess today is your lucky day. The Brokeback Mountain legend made an appearance in Amy Schumer‘s new HBO Max documentary Expecting Amy, a three-part series that chronicles the comedian and actor’s pregnancy journey with […]

Lil Nas X has a new track called ‘Call Me By Your Name’; guess what it’s about

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Nax X has sparked fire in on Instagram, courtesy of a snippet of his new song “Call Me By Your Name.” The title also seems to hint that the song deals with queer themes, as it takes its name from the popular 2018 film. “Call me when […]


Thyle Knoxx has a weakness for handsome successful men – which is why he’s taken a job cleaning houses. His customer, Manuel Skye is a Canadian former aerial acrobat turned businessman with a big dick and naughty streak. And, when Thyle sees his suited client, […]

Car Cruising

Jake Morgan leaves work early but he tells his wife he’ll be working late. That’s because Jake has a secret… he’ll be cruising for some anonymous bro ass. In a darkened parking lot, signals are exchanged and Dillon Diaz approaches Jake’s car. Ultimately they move […]