Short Film Inspired by Jessie Reyez Will Have You Feeling Butterflies

Singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez’s raw ballad “LOVE IN THE DARK” is a powerful soundtrack to modern day-romance in a new short film from º1824. Shot in New York City just before the lockdown, the three-minute short oscillates between black and white and vivid color, tenderly following three couples in different vulnerable stages of their relationships.

“I kinda knew we were gonna be together from maybe our first date.”

In the video, we meet Beth and Sam, Michelle and Dorian, and Miguel and Justice—a queer couple from NYC! The two first met when Miguel slid into Justice’s DMs. They’ve dated for almost a year and are now looking to the future, entering a more intimate stage of their relationship.

The couple shares fleeting glances and soft moments in the video, and even a kiss. “He really opened the floodgate for me being myself and actually being appreciated for it,” they say.

Via Pride

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