Sex Juices

Dann Grey and Guido Plaza hook up for a sultry, sexual feast. The guys begin with some salacious kissing on the balcony, but have to move indoors because this encounter is about to erupt and this show is not for free to the neighbors.

Dann quickly drops to his knees and begins sucking on Guido’s throbbing, hard cock. Putting his full cock sucking skills on display, Dann inhales the full length of Guido’s cock shaft as it parts his lips, slips across his tongue and down his throat.

Guido also is an expert cock sucker as he demonstrates that he too is capable of hitting the base of Dann’s cock with his lips and massaging the head of his cock with his throat.

Flipping Dann around, Guido is elated to see the perfectly smooth, chestnut colored pucker hole that awaits his skillful tongue. The sex juices are flowing and as Guido stands up, he gently thrusts his entire cock deep into Dann’s muscular ass. The guys flip and this time it is Dann that sets his eyes on the magnificence of Guido’s perfectly sculpted ass. Dann gives Guido’s ass an incredible tongue lashing that sets him up for so much more.

As Dann penetrates Guido’s ass, both men moan out in complete and utter pleasure. One last flip and this time Dann is squatting down onto Guido’s pulsating cock. Dann then takes charge and fucks himself with Guido’s cock as the two share in the joys of fucking. Guido is relentless in his fucking and continues pounding Dann’s ass until he feeds his thick, load of cum to Dann.


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