Cut or Uncut? Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals It All in Amy Schumer’s New Doc

If you’ve ever been curious about what Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal is working with down there, well then I guess today is your lucky day.

The Brokeback Mountain legend made an appearance in Amy Schumer‘s new HBO Max documentary Expecting Amy, a three-part series that chronicles the comedian and actor’s pregnancy journey with her husband and chef Chris Fischer (who Jake is childhood friends with), and during a scene in the doc where Jake and two other childhood friends are giving a toast to Chris and Amy during their 2018 wedding, Jake gets hilariously candid about their…junk.

Yup. Specifically, how he himself is circumcised, while Chris is the only person in their friend group who isn’t.

“We’re going to start this off with Chris is the only uncircumcised one amongst the four of us, which was a mystery to us as young boys because we only knew the penis to be one way,” Gyllenhaal, who has worked with Amy on her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer before, said in his toast.

It’s safe to say it’s been a wild (but fun) year for Jake during all this the worldwide quarantine madness. In the past few months alone, he broke the internet with his Spider-Man: Far From Home costar Tom Holland after doing weird-but-kinda-hot shirtless handstands…

Via Pride

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