‘Walk the Moon’ singer Nicholas Petricca comes out in emotional video

Nicholas Petricca, lead singer of the rock band Walk the Moon, has revealed he is bisexual in a post commemorating pride season. Petricca, who lends his vocals to the popular songs “One Foot,” “Shut Up and Dance,” and “Anna Sun,” shared his story via Instagram.

“Hi, my name is Nicholas, I’m the lead singer of a band called Walk the Moon, and I’m bisexual,” Petricca declared in the video. “Today is the last day of Pride Month here in the year 2020 and I think it’s time that I said that.”

“My whole life I have passed for a ‘normal person’ – a cisgender straight guy – and this has afforded me a life of privilege,” Petricca admits. “Virtually no name-calling or bullying or hardship around my sexuality really at all. My heart is with so many LGBTQ+ human beings who have had a much more challenging experience than I have. My heart is with so many LGBTQ+ human beings who have had a much more challenging experience than I have.”

Petricca then invoked the words of Harvey Milk to encourage others to come out as well. “I believe in what Harvey Milk said… (I’m paraphrasing) that when the collective as a whole, when people as a whole realize that we are everywhere; that we are your children, that we are your mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters; that we have been with you and among you and are you and have been this whole time. That’s the moment when the myths, the bullying, and the inequality will end.”

Petricca then went on to affirm that LGBTQ people everywhere are loved, whether they’ve ever acted on their feelings or not. “I hope you have the best year of your life. I love you, and happy f*cking pride,” he concluded.

Though he didn’t make a point of mentioning, Petricca also wore a Wizard of Oz t-shirt while recording the video. Any friend of Dorothy is a friend of ours.

Via Queerty

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