“Bareback Cumpigs” Remains The Most Disgustingly Named Porn Brand In Existence

But it doesn’t mean they don’t shoot hot scenes. This scene has a lot going on in it. It’s bareback. It’s interracial. There’s a bear. There’s something for everyone! Oh, and “hipsters!” There’s “hipsters” like “bearded black hipster Donte Oxun.” I have to wonder if […]

Alleged British Serial Killer Allegedly Used Grindr To Allegedly Find His Alleged Victims

Did I use “alleged” and “allegedly” enough times? Stephen John Port, 40, of East Barking, London stands accused of the murders of four men that he supposedly met on Grindr. Port is said to have lured them back to his apartment and killed them with […]

Men’s Charlie Pattinson: Johnny Rapid’s Older Brother Does Gay Porn, Too?

Meet Charlie. Am I insane or is there a resemblance between Men’s hot new find Charlie Pattinson and the eternally youthful Johnny Rapid? Right? This could become a Showgirls situation. Charlie better watch his hot ass on the staircases at Men! via GIPHY Maybe I’m […]