Hashtag Hotness: Guys In Speedos On Instagram

The Speedo. The second greatest item of clothing known to man. You can probably guess the first. It’s the middle of summer here in the States, and speedos are absolutely necessary! You pretty much have to go to Provincetown, a gay pool party, or a swim meet to find guys in speedos here in Massachusetts (#prudes) but it’s worth the drive. Here’s a round-up of the hottest hunks (yeah, I said hunks, I’m trying to bring it back) in speedos on Instagram. If you look sexy in a speedo, send a pic to daily@manhunt.net! We’ll add you to this post and feature you on Twitter!

– J. Harvey

Ok, he’s not wearing a speedo, but he is wearing just an iron and *inserts ridiculous reasoning here*.

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! …and YES, I AM domesticated. Now accepting applications for a Fall/Winter boyfriend…

A photo posted by Michael Moniz | Toronto ?? (@m2fotosist) on

Technically, that’s underwear. But I’m a rebel.

Two for one! #footyshorts #footyboys #footy #footyshortsandspeedos #speedos #muscle #gym

A photo posted by The hottest men (@footyshortsandspeedos) on

Yeah, those aren’t speedos but I’m guessing you guys aren’t interested in being sticklers here.

#sexyguy #hotguy #sixpackguys #hotboys #sixpackabs #sixpack #abs #sexyboys #sexymen #speedos #speedoboy

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Finally, a speedo!


Speedo buddies.

Butt in speedo.

I had no idea stuff like this went on at fashion shows.

Male swimwear to the beach with style #speedos

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No need for a caption.

Happy Monday ?☀️?? #holiday #spain #beachlife #lovinglife

A photo posted by Dario Silcock (@dariodamato_official) on

Skinny guys in skimpy speedos.

There are SOME speedos in this one. Also, big ups to the instagram handle @blacktrickswayze.

Hey fellas.

You probably have a new appreciation for polka dots now.


Fresh flowers.


Hey fellas, part 2.

Take me back to #Summer ! #softserve on the #cruise #tbt #icecream and #speedos

A photo posted by Lam Lam (@instalammy) on

All smiles

"Winter" #tgif #speedos #sydney #whatwinter @rycarter @danielbushe @nfcollett

A photo posted by Simon Reid (@simon.reid) on

I’ll be your mirror.

Salmonella did wonders for my jawline LMAO ?? #TWUNKorNAH #gaysydney #gaygym #gaytravel #speedos

A photo posted by KING KUTRONE (@kingkutrone) on

This guy knows to always lead with the bulge.

#malemodel #speedos #lovedietz. @dietzunderwear

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I know this one is Photoshopped to the gods and back but I find myself not caring.

That’s a good sit.

His heart’s in the right place.

Plank on me.

Planking around #speedo #speedos #plank #tan #beach #summer #instalife #core #fitfam

A photo posted by Av (@lazervoisey) on

Cub in a speedo.

Showing off the goods for passers-by.

Lean and mean.

Beaching with Brazilian Bicha's ??? Thanks for a fun day boys!

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6 thoughts on “Hashtag Hotness: Guys In Speedos On Instagram

  1. Even when I had a 4 pack and a 29’w I just could never bring myself to wear one in public. I never felt I had the package to show off for wearing one was always a grower not a shower.
    Hats off to the guys that do and look good in them though.

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