Celebrity Dick: Is This Alex Bowen From Love Island’s Dick Pic?

I know. I don’t know what any of that means either. But it’s a dick pic.

I’m not even going to Google what Love Island is, but my educated guess it’s some ridiculous reality show from Britain. I will look up who Alex Bowen is because, if this is his dick pic, he’s packing. He’s a roofer from a city in England called Wolverhampton. He’s hot enough of face and body for reality TV, and a minor celebrity because of it. He’s been stranded on Love Island to fuck assorted women for the cameras.

Alex is one of those attention whores who is always putting his body on social media. That’s not a burn. Let me stress – Manhunt Daily LOVES some attention whores. We can’t get enough of these attention whores. Whore your body on any social media platform that you want. Hell, we’ll look for your dick pics on MySpace if necessary.

Ok, so this is supposedly Alex Bowen’s cock.


Word is that the tattoos match up. Let’s see. Porn detectives, MOUNT THE FUCK UP.

– Michael Xavier



Alex-on-Love-Island (1)




Love Island's Alex Bowen from his Instagram account


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 18.00.47


One thought on “Celebrity Dick: Is This Alex Bowen From Love Island’s Dick Pic?

  1. Too ripped. Too much. Good smile though, more men need to smile, makes ya look cute and approachable.

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