1967’s “The Homosexuals”: We’ve Really Got It Pretty Good

And I know that post title is going to cause me a HELLA LOTTA grief in the comments. But what is Manhunt Daily for if not to inspire lively discussion? And for pictures of dudes fucking.

Check out this crazy CBS documentary, The Homosexuals, from back in the day. 60 Minutes’ Mike Wallace takes an in-depth look at those scary, fascinating homos. For real, 3 minutes in is when I became absurdly grateful that I was born when I was and exist in 2011. Despite our current and future struggles, this generation of homos has it pretty damn good. Check out the intro Wallace gives one interviewee:

“This man is 27, college educated. He was unable to hold a job because of his inability to contain his homosexual inclinations. He’s been in jail three times for committing homosexual acts. If he is arrested once more he faces the possibility of life. He is now on probation and in psychotherapy.”

Let’s just say that there wasn’t any public eating of the ass going on in 1967.

No, things aren’t perfect for us as a community. But the next time you encounter a gay senior citizen who was out back then, you might want to thank them for paving the way.

– J. Harvey

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To watch The Homosexuals (FYI – it’s long), Follow the JUMP:

15 thoughts on “1967’s “The Homosexuals”: We’ve Really Got It Pretty Good

  1. I hope no one puts a negative comment because this is so much a part of our history it is important for us to remember. It is also advantageous for the youth of today to see what it was really like back then.

  2. Interesting, i love how back then it was just assumed no homo’s could ever be in a relationship and now every friend of mine has a boyfriend, times have really changed. I think once you allow people to be themselves and not have to hide, the true ideal for gay people come out, yes, that includes a lot of sex, we are men after all, but it also includes love and marriage,for some even a family.

  3. i have to admit, the gays of this time and back then……..wow. Back then you HAD  to hide from your family and most everyone. i feel grateful that i have no need to hide! to those out there who had to endure this b.s., thank you very much! you really did pave the way for the rest of us!

  4. Yes, very interesting to post that after the Folsom Street Fair photos. I do not have one inch of prude about me, but I’m saddened by the sight of guys, presumably paying a fee ( I don’t know) to grab a mediocre porn actor’s penis and have a photo taken. Simply tacky. Since the CBS documentary we have certainly gone from one tragic extreme to another.

  5. thanks for putting this online,  I think that many of the 20 and even 30 somethings don’t realize how far we have come in a very short period of time

  6. Wow! Thanks For Posting MH…ENjoyed Watching The Entire Segment and how the Views Of Americans Were Back then, though some negative views remain…still a huge improvement….Remember All…. It Gets Better.

  7. I wrote a report about this when I was a Junior in High School. It was suppose to be an educational report.  I could only imagine what it was like back in the 60’s. I really really felt bad for them but I remember writing that famous quote that I don’t know who quoted it, ” You know what they say, ‘What doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.” At the end of my report. I got a C- because the principal said that it was too contravertial of a subject for a high school student to be writing about.

  8. I can’t argue with the points made in regards to the over protective/loving mother and the detached father. I know that was the case with me. Hmmmmm…..

  9. Man, were those so-called “experts” fucked up!!! Of course the worlds of art and fashion were filled with gays. Can you imagine hiring a straight interior decorator? 🙂  In all seriousness, though, thanks for making this available to remind us of how far we’ve come and how much farther we still have to go. I wonder if the guy sentenced to life in Boise ever got paroled (or better yet, pardoned)?

  10. OMG, this program was recorded a mere 44 years ago!
    Listening closely to the believes held by [so called] academics, Government officials and even by some of the interviewed homosexuals I now understand a lot more about the very strange [to me] attitudes that some Americans still have towards homosexual relationships [love, sex]

    Given the attitude that was prevalent you may indeed say that on many levels you’ve come a long way. But with such believes held by so many in your parents and grandparents generation it’s no wonder that American society still has a long way to go to reach enlightenment. The following words, questions and statements had me baffled:
    # Sick
    # Deviant
    # Worse then second degree murder
    # Life imprisonment
    # Should they be tolerated? (What the f*ck?)
    # The result of an overbearing mother and a unavailable father (blame the parents)

    To all the Ladies and Gentlemen who survived that time with their minds and self worth in tact: I SALUTE YOU! You are indeed the unsung hero’s of our time!

  11. I’m sure Mike Wallace looks back at this report and cringes that he could have EVER done such a negative piece like this.

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