Flashback Friday: Brad Phillips And Matt Ramsey

Dewitt is taking a well-deserved couple days off, so you guys are stuck with me for the time being. *passes you a tissue to cry into* One of my favorite features that my esteemed colleague writes is “Flashback Friday”. Vintage gay porn is SO fascinating to me. And sexy. The lack of polish (what’s HD?), the big hair and absence of manscaping, and the realistic bodies combine for a hot porn wayback machine experience.

Brad Phillips and Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North) got after it in a van for Colt’s The Company We Keep. That’s right, IN A FUCKING VAN. SO RETRO! If the van had a magical unicorn rearing up on a seacliff airbrushed on the side, this is officially the best porn ever.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Colt Studio Group

For more pics of Matt giving it and giving it good to Brad, Follow the JUMP:

19 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Brad Phillips And Matt Ramsey

  1. I had a co-worker comment to me that even though he (said) was straight, he always admired Peter North for how he came. Just goes to show that Peter/Matt had something for everyone … though, frankly, in this set, I’d rather have Brad. 🙂

  2. i have been into matt//peter for the better part of 20 years — cannot even estimate the number of times i’ve gotten off watching that man… wow

  3. LOVING the shot of them with their asses up in the air side-by-side, with their holes all exposed and their nutsacks dangling down.  But where/who to begin with?!?!?

  4. Matt Ramsay is my fav porn performer of all time. He has a magnificent dick, a dream bumm and suuch a sweet face.
    He deserves the pornstar label that seems to apply to all adult film particiapants.

  5. I will always put Matt Ramsey in the top 5 of all time best bottoms.  For a guy who ultimately went the str8 and narrow..he sure could take a hard fuck!  And the boy wasn’t quiet about it either.

  6. Speaking of yesteryear’s porn stars, I can’t believe Manhunt Daily didn’t pick up on Ryan Idol (not his real name) being convicted on the charge of attempted murder of his wife. Enquiring minds want to know!

  7. I liked Matt Ramsey The famous school scene with him & Rick Donavon was so hot!!! Than he claimed that he never bottomed in gay films cause he was str8, and that those were all stunt butt doubles. Which turned me off. Brad Phillips on the other hand OMG had a crush on him and even saw him in NYC once, I think he was HIV+ and he was broken up from his long time lover Butch Taylor.

  8. Yeah once he went straight Matt/Peter tried to deny all his gay porn past, but hello it’s all on tape, dumbass, and he didn’t use any stunt doubles

  9. Matt Ramsey obviously bottomed in most of his early gay films and I think I’ve seen all his early gay work. However I don’t think I’ve ever seen him suck cock in any of his films? If anyone knows of any films that he actually put a cock in his mouth, please let me know?  I have to admit though, he was certainly an incredible cum machine! Huge shooter!

  10. Brad here. I’m still Alive and Well in San Francisco. This was quite a Hot scene I will always remember. Thanks for the comment.

  11. i can’t believe that brad phillips is still around. (I don’t know why, but i just can’t.) as a young many in the 80s going to school in new york, i saw a LOT of hot guys in porn films down at Times Square.
    But NO ONE was hotter than Brad Phillips. NO ONE.

  12. I really wish that I could believe that the real brad phillips was still alive, living in san francisco, and responding to porn blogs.

    I watched a lot of porn 30 years ago…lots of hot guys..but NONE was as handsome as brad phillips.
    jondaly70 at yahoo

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