Manhut Man Of The Week: Syddude25

Syddude25 is looking for “mates and dates.” You might guess he’s from Down Under. He also insists he’s “not just a pretty face.” It’s ok, we’d be fine with it if you were. We know, we know. We’re always saying that the “Manhunt Man of the Week” should be the total package. But you’re really cute.

If you think you could be a “Manhunt Man of the Week”, apply here.

– J. Harvey

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Name: Syddude25
Age: 26
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

1) What was the hottest Manhunt hookup you’ve experienced so far?

I’ve still yet to meet him, but have been in contact with an amazingly hot dude who wants to…. well I could tell you what he said, but that would be almost like kissing and telling. Needless to say when we do finally hookup, there is going to be FIREWORKS! 😉

2) What’s your favorite part on a guy?

Definitely would have to be his arms and chest. Love the idea of having a guy with a muscular upper body wrapping his arms around me in bed… HOT!

3) Who do you think is the sexiest man in the world?

Sam Worthington….. and why? Come on guys, seriously, do you even need to ask that question? lol 😉

4) What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

Over a rock on a public fire trail popular with people for walking their dogs… it was 4 pm and my boyfriend had just finished fucking and we had only just pulled our pants up when a lady walked past with her dog and said “good afternoon boys, lovely afternoon for a walk, isn’t it?”. She had the biggest grin on her face….. she so knew. 😉

5) Does size matter?

No, not really. What matters to me is more the guy attached to the cock. He can be the most buff, physically attractive dude in the world but if his personality is a dud, well I’d rather just go have a wank.

Well said! Syddude25 gets 7 days of Unlimited Membership on Manhunt FREE for being our Manhunt Man of the Week. You could, too!

22 thoughts on “Manhut Man Of The Week: Syddude25

  1. WOAH! Come on, of *course* he says size doesn’t matter, he’s hung like crazy! That’s a 8-9 incher for sure. So that’s where he gets all that confidence from! Haha.

    Damn, it’s hot down under, apparently. 😉

  2. Damn He Is Flippin’ HOTT As HELL!!! Cum Up From Down Under I Have A Place For Your Beautiful Ass & Cock!!!! YUMMY FOR THE TUMMY!!!!!

  3. He looks a bit like Will Jameson from Englishlads! LOL.

    Hate to burst the bubbles though, not all us Aussies got hit by the “hotguywithbigcock” gene.

    Having said that, I love being Australian. We have such hot guys here. 😀

  4. Oh cool!
    This guy is, SMOKIN!!!
    I liked all the answers to his interview questions especially question number 2 . is something I would have to totally agree with. It is true! I love being wrapped up in a mans big arms and being next to his heart. I feel very safe when I am in them. 
    His other answer to question to number 3, I too think Mr. Worthington is HOT!
    His answer to number 5 is very honest and I would have to agree that even if a man is all that, the man has to have a very likeable personality or he would be a, ass, tool, dick, bad boyfriend, jerk, or whatever.
    SYDDUDE25 is very cute and adorable.

  5. Daisy_Duke! A post I can totally agree with! In fact, you took every point I was going to make. Wow! I’m impressed!

  6. He is spot on in all departments  Good Looking, Good Body, Big Dick  & GORGEOUS  ASS  🙂 🙂  Oh and he gives great interviews …..

  7. I totally agree. I went out with a guy that was gorgeous, but after an hour, I excused myself and left. He was such a jerk, it turned me off. I just went home and beat off.

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