Would You Hit That?: Joe Manganiello


Executive producer Alan Ball isn’t holding back on the sex appeal of Joe Manganiello, the latest addition to the cast of HBO’s True Blood. Ball had this to say about the stud: “The first shirtless scene Joe had I was like, ‘Who has those abs?’ He’s in crazy peak physical condition. He’s eating nothing but pure protein. And of course, this being True Blood, he’s already shot his first naked scene. Hello, werewolves when they shift – no clothes!”

Manganiello will make his debut as werewolf Alcide Herveaux this June, and we can’t wait to get a glimpse of him naked his incredible acting talents! But there’s still one big question on the table–would you hit that? If your answer is “no”, please explain yourself to us, because we can’t comprehend anyone not wanting to have sex with this man.

– Dewitt

To vote on whether you’d hit that, follow the JUMP:

Here are some older (less buff) screen caps of Joe Manganiello naked on One Tree Hill:



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