Christopher Meloni To Be Big Nude Vampire On “True Blood”?

Oh, TV Line better be correct. Let’s break it down.

Assorted facts about former Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actor and current sexy bastard Christopher Meloni:

1. He’s SO smoking daddy hot.

2. He has no problem with nudity. When he played Keller on HBO’s OZ, he showed ass, cock, AND BUTTHOLE. What actor does that and still goes on to a successful mainstream career? His character was a bisexual serial killer in a torrid love affair with a another male prisoner. Come to think of it, it was one of the best depictions of a gay romance on television in years. Well, except for the whole they- had- both-killed-people thing.

3. Elliot Stabler, his crusading police detective on SVU, was dreamy.

Assorted Facts About True Blood:

1. Everybody’s naked all the time. The show is just sex, sex, sex.

2. The majority of the vampires are bisexual, and a fair number are outright gay.

3. The show is on HBO.
In conclusion:

1. Christopher Meloni is in talks to play a probably  bisexual vampire on a sexually-charged tv show that takes place in the sultry South. On a network, HBO, that once allowed him to show his butthole on another show.

2. There’s a good chance we’re going to see vampire Christopher Meloni nude and fucking another dude on True Blood next season.


– J. Harvey

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