Woof Alert: Shay Michaels

Recently, a Manhunt Daily reader contacted us to ask if we’ve ever done an Everything Butt entry about Shay Michaels. The answer is unfortunately “no”. The beefy porn star made his debut in our Cock-A-Doodle Do Me series, appeared in several editions of The Ten, defeated both Trent Locke and Angelo Marconi in a highly-competitive round of Fuck Vs. Fuck, and that’s not even counting all the other random occasions we’ve written about him… Yet we’ve never specifically focused on his ass.

Alas, today is not that day! Though we’ll eventually dedicate an entire post to Shay’s glutes, we felt this particular series of images would be more at home in our Woof Alert category. Not to mention, there was a certain someone who kept distracting us, and his hairy, muscular body fits with the “woofy” theme! Enjoy.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Hot House

Click on through to swoon over Shay’s epic hotness:

Nice ass, but let’s not forget about that awesomely curved cock

A brief pause, in which Spencer Reed locks Shay in a cage and upstages him:

Oh, look! There he is again!

…And back to Spencer upstaging him.

157 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Shay Michaels

  1. Shay and Kyle King are my favorite porn stars…and their scene together on Cocksure Men is fucking EPIC!!!!

  2. Those stupid faggoty-looking outfits from 1975 are why straight people still snicker at us behind our backs when they talk about “that gay guy in accounting”, and why we will never be taken seriously as a minority.  Ever.  Here is the reason, right here in living color.  What the fuck are those costumes all about?  And it’s about time the jock strap thing died.

  3. I get what you are saying.  I guess the reason that women don’t run the world is because of stiletto clear heels??

  4. I’m sorry, wait, what?!  Dewitt, you interrupted a post about my future extra-marital affair Shay Michaels (hubby Paul Wagner and I agreed we were each allowed one extra piece of ass on the side) to show pictures of…Spencer Reed?!  NO.  Not okay.  Not at all.

    Butt back to Shay–not only is he an insanely hot man, if you watch some of the behind the scenes clips of him on Titan Men and others, he seems like an incredibly genuine, caring, unapologetically sexual, proud gay man.  And that makes him 10x hotter!

  5. Frezzeti you’re pretty much an idiot. I’d expound on that further but there’s clearly no point.

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