7 Questions: Logan Moore

Did you know Logan Moore was Dutch? I didn’t! That’s just ONE of the fascinating facts I found out about the searingly hot Logan Moore after he took on our “7 Questions” questionnaire. Moore is one of the hottest faces and bodies in gay porn right now, and we need to see more of him. MORE MORE MORE! Learn more about Logan Moore below!

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Michael Xavier

1. Do you get recognized on the street? Do fans ask for autographs or pics with you? How do you feel about that kind of stuff? Any horror stories?

Yes, in America it happens more than anywhere else. But they are very active in reaching out to public figures. While in the Netherlands, they really don’t care if somebody is famous or something. Yes, photos and autographs, especially when I work in clubs or around award shows. Horror stories – unfortunately also. Crazy fans who fall in love go a step too far sometimes and one time even police were involved as somebody was stalking me and my family.

2. What’s your favorite scene that you’ve ever shot, and why? Favorite scene partner?

My favorite scene is difficult to say, I shot so many! I would say the Sense8 gay version as I’m a big fan of the real version! Also, On The Lookout is a special movie for me as I love Adam Ramzi. He’s an amazingly sweet and sexy guy! The one from sense 8 I’m in – we won an award this week!

3. How has doing porn changed you? Do you think you would be a different person if you hadn’t worked in the adult entertainment industry?

Oh, it changed me in a good way! I learned sex is something amazing and something you need in your life. But also, because of the amazing travels, you get richer in life by meeting so many people and having experiences.

4. What’s something that your fans would be surprised to know about you?

Haha, I think almost nobody knows I’m Dutch! So I guess surprise, surprise haha.

5. How did you come up with your porn alias?

Logan means “power” and “confidence” and saw this in Wolverine… Moore for the American touch and Moore as in “more” from “I wanna see more of him.”

6. Are there any other performers that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to?

Ow, you have a minute….?

Fabio Acconi, Colton Grey, Bruno Bernal, Nick Sterling, Landon Conrad, Jesse Santana, Will Wilke, Jarec Wentworth, Jordan Levine, Ronny Bononova, Emir Boscatto, Carter Dane, Donnie Dean, JJ Knight, and William Seed

7. What are your plans post-porn? Do you think your future will remain in adult entertainment?

I hope a few more long years. Saving up to start my own company! Don’t know what yet as I have so many creative ideas. But a clothing line is one of them.

8. What can we find you doing when you’re not fucking on film?

Traveling, gym, gaming/movies, and especially seeing friends and family again!

9. Do you have any kinks or fetishes that your fans might not know about?

Hardcore kinky fan here, wish I did movies in this as well! Can’t wait to shoot a gangbang as a bottom too! Bucket list goals haha!

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