When Titans Fuck: Matthew Bosch And Adam Ramzi

Honestly, all you need when you’re shooting a Matthew Bosch/Adam Ramzi is some lube and a camera. They could do it on a bed, on the coffee table, on the lawn, under a pier and it would still be breathstealingly hot. Matthew shoves him onto the bed and sucks him back. He eats him out, […]

TitanMen: Jack Hunter And Adam Ramzi Work Well Together

All this from a piss bucket! Adam Ramzi uses a piss bucket in front of construction bud Jack Hunter. They stroke each other, kissing deep before Adam wraps his bearded lips around Jackís tool. ìSuck that big dick,î moans Jack, guiding Adamís head down. Adam gasps for breath, Jack beating his dick on the suckerís […]

Bennett Anthony Services The Pool (And Adam Ramzi)

Bennett Anthony’s taking his sweet ass time cleaning that damn pool! But that’s good for us, cuz’ he’s fucking everybody in sight! This week, it’s hot gardener Adam Ramzi. Bennett puts down his pool skimmer, Adam puts down his clippers, and they fuck for the gods! The juxtaposition of the pale ginger against the swarthy […]

TitanMen: Alex Mecum And Adam Ramzi Have A Flip-Fuck Romance

Now, THIS is romance! Fuck that hearts-n-flowers bullshit! TitanMen’s loving “2 Men Kiss” series continues with two of the more popular dudes that professionally fuck on film – Adam Ramzi and Alex Mecum! The chemistry rises as Adam Ramzi and Alex Mecum lock eyes and lips in a romantic flip fuck filled with clasped hands, […]

Adam Ramzi Continues To Be Fiery Hot, Gets Fucked By Justin Brody

It seems like only yesterday I was rhapsodizing about the magnetic quality of Adam Ramzi’s work….and face….and body….and ass…and cock. Actually, it was Tuesday. From TitanMen to CockyBoys! Here’s Adam getting slowly and sensually fucked by Justin Brody. Adam on all fours and ass-up is a delicious picture and who can blame Justin for sliding […]

TitanMen: Adam Ramzi Seduces Jack Giles And Dirk Caber

Can we talk (I sound like Joan Rivers, sorry) about how fucking sexy Adam Ramzi is? Jesus, can you landscape my pubes with your nose while your beautiful mouth suckles my balls? Oh, sorry – some backstory. This is the next scene in TitanMen’s Demolition. Adam’s playing a landscape designer who seduces scruffy Jack Giles […]

Adam Ramzi Is Fucking Jeremy Spreadums For Cocky Boys

Adam Ramzi and Jeremy Spreadums (still getting my vote for my most inspired porn alias of the 21st century) start off this scene for Cocky Boys slowly and sensuously. Adam gently but firmly takes Spreadums in hand and guides him through an erotic fuck session that only Cocky Boys can provide. As I’ve often noted, […]

I’m Reporting Adam Ramzi to the IRS

And I don’t think “Tax Revenue Services” is even a real thing!   Much like most interactions with the IRS, Taxman doesn’t seem to end. This chapter involves another home office inspection, this time made by “Tax Revenue Services” “Officer” Adam Ramzi. He’s here to inspect the home office of Nick Prescott, whose job seems […]

Colby Keller + Adam Ramzi = SPLOOSH.

Naked Sword Originals knows how to show hot guys smooshing.   I love Colby Keller. I just do. It’s pure and unadulterated and based as much on the personality that he offers up to the internet at large, as it is on the raw and physical way he has sex and his gorgeous alabaster physique. […]