Ryan Rose And Kayden Grey Fuck In Paradise

Argh, summer’s almost here and I need to get away from my desk of porn and get to the beach! (And find someone as hot as Ryan Rose or Kayden Grey to fuck in the surf and sand!) NakedSword has Rose and Grey in Tel Aviv, (“Kiss And Tel Aviv”) and they’re giving us “Cock By The Ocean.” I might like that song a lot more if that was the actual title.

After briefly sunning themselves they start to explore and find the perfect place out on the rocks to deep-throat each other’s cocks. Kayden bends Ryan over to eat his ass then slams his cock inside and pounds him hard. Ryan pushed Kayden back into the surf so he can ride his cock until he cums. Ready to bust, Kayden stands up and jerks off, shooting his load into the Mediterranean.

Summer’s here, I’m queer, and Ryan and Kayden have inspired me to get some sand in my crevices this season. Click here for more.

Ryan Rose – Twitter and Instagram

Kayden Grey – Twitter

Michael Xavier

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