Men At Play: Emir Boscatto And Sergi Rodriguez Fuck In The Kitchen

Emir Boscatto in a suit. Emir Boscatto OUT of a suit and furiously fucking Sergi Rodriguez! Sorry that I haven’t had him back in awhile. Emir is a BULL who FUCKS. There’s some clap trap about a disgruntled kitchen worker in this latest Men At Play scene. All I could focus on was Emir handling […]

Raging Stallion: Emir Boscatto Is Back And Visiting “Hung Country”

Emir, we missed you! I’m delusional and really thought I “discovered” Emir Boscatto back in July when I posted about him fucking around with Sonny Colucci for Men at Play. He’s basically the physical representation of “fuck” and I figured he would be all over the place eventually. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a lot of […]

We Got An Even Better Blowjob (And Introducing Emir Boscatto)

Jack Hunter blowing Jacob Tyler has NOTHING on the newcomer (to me, but I’ll get to that in a second) Emir Boscatto sucking Sonny Colucci’s SOUL out through his DICK (second clip). Men at Play is big lately, and not just because of the dicks. Blazingly hot pieces in suits fucking seems to be the […]

7 Questions: Logan Moore

Did you know Logan Moore was Dutch? I didn’t! That’s just ONE of the fascinating facts I found out about the searingly hot Logan Moore after he took on our “7 Questions” questionnaire. Moore is one of the hottest faces and bodies in gay porn right now, and we need to see more of him. […]

Men at Play: Dato Foland’s “Got Milk” (Josh Milk, That Is)

This is way hotter than those stupid ads with the moustaches. Men at Play kicked us off their mailing list for some reason, and it’s only recently they’ve rectified their mistake. For awhile there, I thought they were producing some of the hottest scenes going. They introduced me to Emir Boscatto! I am forever indebted […]

Taken From Tumblr: Down, Boy! (No, This Is Not A Post About Puppy Play)

I know, I know. I’ve been going on ad nauseam about blowjobs lately. It’s just that they’re super-important. And feel really goddamn good. Does anything beat busting a nut into your partner’s wet n’ willing mouth? Gripping on to the back of his head for dear life while he drains every drop of cum in […]