You Can’t Give Blood If You “Seem” Gay?

Queerty reports that Aaron Pace of Gary, Indiana was recently prevented from giving blood at a local bank called Bio-Blood Components Inc. The bank cited the federal policy stating that a man who has had sex with another man after 1977 isn’t allowed to donate blood. It’s a stupid and homophobic policy in this day-and-age but it was created during a scary time. We get that. The problem is that Pace is straight.

Aaron refers to himself as an “effeminate heterosexual,” and says he was “humiliated and embarrassed” when informed that his swishy ways inferred he likes dudes. I know how he feels! When I’m in a sports bar with my straight friends, and the guy at the bar besides me motions to the barmaid’s ass and leers at me to join him in admiring it, I am COMPLETELY humiliated and embarrassed! He assumed because I’m paying attention to the Sox game that I like vagine! *shudder*

For reals, that’s some bullshit on the part of Bio-Blood Components. Yes, everyone must cover themselves for fear of liability, but isn’t it sort of discriminatory to assume someone is one way due to, say, the tightness of their jeans or a sibilant “s”? Or whatever it was that made them think Mr. Pace bats for our team?

The blood bank isn’t commenting on Pace’s accusations.

I won’t lie. Mr. Pace is giving me some serious Tyra Banks‘ “smize” in that picture. But we’re not going to assume anything. Right?

– J. Harvey

20 thoughts on “You Can’t Give Blood If You “Seem” Gay?

  1. i know whenever im humiliated and embarassed, the first thing i do is run to the news stations and let everyone know about it.

  2. well this is tough  and comm sense as well,if you’re drug user,or do thing that even God ,turn his head around!!!
    you shouldn’t even think about it !!! bloods mean to save life,not killing,or making ever worse!!! right???

  3. In this situation I wouldn’t keep my mouth shut. Not only are they discriminate against gays, they are discriminate against a straight guy who seems a bit feminine. The poor guy wanted to donate blood and contibute to the community, of his own free will, and they turn him down because he pronounces ‘ess’ like ‘eth’. Hopefully he was able to donate blood at a different clinic…

  4. it is assuming, by a homophobic law, that all gay men are HIV + or have AIDS…i am gay, have NO STD’s at all but I am barred from giving blood…but if your a breeder you can give blood because we all know THEY have no STD’s at all…what bullshit…

  5. Go back to school, so you can learn to write a complete sentance, and God has nothing to do with this, that’s one of the  1st problems, the 2nd is complete ignorance by alot of people.

  6. This is based on purely bias assumptions, we can actually win this case in court. We just never have the balls to slam them.

  7. This is completely discriminatory.
    Even if you ARE gay that doesn’t mean you’ve had sex with a man.
    Virgins still exist last I checked.

  8. in that case, they are judging the book by its cover!!! if your an effeminate man means your already gay??? do they not think that there are a lot of the so called straight men bends and loves their behind shoved??? do these people came from the neanderthal era??? and do they know that there is a law bypassing that early 80’s law that ANYONE is entitled to donate blood and it is the blood bank’s responsibility to screen the donated blood for any infectious diseases???

  9. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably sucks dick…..just sayin’…….

  10. I love seeing others tell people to go back to school, and then, they completely fuck up their SENTENCE, not SENTANCE. I suggest, good sir, that you sit right next to whoever you are talking about.

  11. if ur a man and had sex with a man, then ur gay…can not give blood…with that logic (?) if ur a woman and had sex with a man, then u should not be allowed to give blood either…cause he could be bi or gay for play str8 man…lol…the whole idea is reDICKulous….lol

  12. how about this?

    if anyone, irrespective of orientation, has ever had “intimate contact” with any other person, or one’s bodily fluids, then that individual must be barred from donating.

     that sounds about right to me.

    but if that type of policy is ever put into place..
    ..well, i’m sure even a caveman can foretell what types of problems that would bring about.

    what ever happened to rigour’us testing?
    i kinda figured that would be the red cross’s front•line of defense against tainted blood¿

  13. Agree, the policy is archaic.  I lived with a cousin of mine for 4 years, he was as straight as an arrow.  Straight enough that he has 6 kids, by 4 women, and had at least 3 “scares” while we lived together.  Now he can give blood??!??  I wouldn’t accept as a dying request for fear that it wasn’t tested since he doesn’t have sex with men or is IV Drug user.

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