Manhunt’s Exclusive Interview With Daniel Garofali

Daniel Garofali is an up-and-coming male model, and one of the hottest.  A native of Sydney, Australia – he’s also a professional dancer who has worked with Deborah Cox, Duffy, and…wait for it…Kylie Minogue. He’s establishing his gay cred all over the place! Yes, establishing gay cred requires being fully gorgeous and working with Kylie Minogue.

Garofali’s pictorials are always striking as he utilizes his dancer’s body to give them a sense of movement and sensual playfulness. Check it. He could also be the next Wolverine if they go with an all-hot reboot of X-Men.

Daniel is extremely nice, very cool to his fans (check out his Tumblr and Twitter), and sent us some exclusive pics from a shoot with photographer Cowan Whitfield. He also deigned to answer some of our more ridiculous questions. Answering juvenile questions from the horndogs at Manhunt Daily (ok, J. Harvey is the horndog in this case) is probably not what he anticipated dealing with when he signed with Wilhemina Models in NYC. Keep reading.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Cowan Whitfield

For our interview with Daniel, Follow the JUMP:

You’ve been given an unlimited budget to direct your dream photo shoot, starring YOU. What does it involve?

I don’t know about this. I dont necessarily think that a big budget creates a great photoshoot. I have a background in conceptual art so i tend to favour shoots that have a strong ideas, but obviously an unlimited budget makes any concept possible.

I would use the budget to employ the all Angels from Victoria’s Secret. The shoot would be short and the after party would be long. Hah.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’d be comfortable doing on camera?

Hah..the naughtiest thing i would do on camera…I think i have already performed that. Wearing wet, white underwear is probably the most risque shoot i would do.

Was appearing nude ever a problem for you?

I’ve never had a problem with showing my body. I started as a professional dancer so we are pretty in touch with our bodies and a lot of costumes show a lot of skin so it was something I was used to. When I danced with Kylie Minogue, we stripped onstage to a brief. It’s basically something you have to do to book some jobs.

With modeling, one of my first bookings was for aussieBum. Being from Australia, the market is body-conscious and it’s a summer culture.

Who is your favorite photographer to work with, and why?

I can never answer this question. Ive worked with so many photographers and a lot of them are now great friends. Together, not only have we created some great work but had a good time doing it.

Has being so beautiful ever been a problem for you?

So beautiful? Not sure how I feel about that. I don’t think my problems stem from how I look although it would probably be easier. Thanks, though, I guess.

Do you want to eventually branch out past modeling into photography, art direction or acting? What is your primary career goal?

I have a degree in Visual Arts so I definitely have the skills to branch out into photography, art direction and choreography but I’m not sure that I will end up pursuing that once I finish modeling. My primary career goal is Now. Making the most of the amazing opportunity that Wilhelmina Models have provided me; and the chance to come to NYC and try my luck.

If you were *hypothetically* involved in a sex tape scandal, who would be your costar?

And then it *surprisingly* leaks? Hah. It would have to be someone that isn’t unfamiliar from a bit of a nude scandal and who I am totally obsessed with at the moment. Blake Lively. (ARGH! She can’t even act! Ok, I’ll stop – J.)

Describe your perfect date.

I am really bad at things like this. I dont think what we do or go to makes it perfect. Just that there is a seamless connection. If it flows, we laugh and we don’t want to go home alone. Then it’s perfect.

Have you ever watched America’s Next Top Model? How completely inaccurate did you find it?

It’s funny. The other day I booked a job on the proviso that I would cut my hair. I explained it [being] like the Make-Over episodes of Top Model where the girl with the longest hair has to shave it and she cries all episode. Hah. That was me…to an extent.

The main objective for shows like that are ratings so they will always be an exaggerated reality…but it definitely stems from real life.

Who knew Ty Ty’s show had some authenticity!

Are you crying like I was when I read that he’s straight? Daniel is FAR too gorgeous to be straight! Someone pass me a tissue. Not for my tears, but because I need to wank to some of these pics of him.

For more of the delightful Mr. Garofali, check out these links:

Daniel’s website

And here’s a teaser for his upcoming 2012 calendar!

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