Would You Hit That?: Matthew Perry

Matt LeBlanc isn’t the only former Friends cast member who’s getting his own show. Nope, it’s not David Schwimmer! They’re giving Matthew Perry another crack at prime time with a new series entitled Mr. Sunshine. Since he’ll be starring alongside the always amazing Allison Janney, it might actually be worth while…

But on to more important matters! Would you hop in bed with the man who made Chandler Bing a household name? While the majority of you voted “yes” on his old castmate LeBlanc, we have a feeling that Perry won’t fare as well. Feel free to prove us wrong.

– Dewitt

To watch the show’s trailer and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

29 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Matthew Perry

  1. He’s not ugly and I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed. He’s sexy and he can make me get a hard on.

  2. To tell the truth, I always thought Matthew Perry was hotter than LeBlanc. I’d do him in a heart-beat, sweater vest and all.

  3. I always thought Matthew Perry had a sweet smile, and that made me a lil moist. LOL; I wouldn’t kick him out of bed if the opportunity presented itself.

  4. well, matthew doesn’t “stir my coffee,” now.

    he used to, though.
    (back when he also “had some weight” on his frame.)

    and, there is a chance, he might, in the future.

    i think i will leave the poll alone, for this session, so as to not murk up the results unnecessarily.

  5. u ‘need’ to put, ‘yeah, i’d do him cause he’s ______fill in name” and it would make for some trite conversation during a lull over drinks. : /

  6. I agree, I always found Chandler also to be the most annoying character in “friends”… actually one of the reasons I never watched the show….

    besides his weird mouth, his personal history with addiction makes him even less attractive to me…. it is not a moral thing (he’s bad because he has/had a habit), it is just I do not want that around my life….

  7. he is hot hell yes he is the hotest friend and he is hung i bet i would make chandler bing all night

  8. I don’t like the other Friends guys. Just Perry for me. I’m CRAZY for him and I guess I hope whatever weight he maintains, that he’s healthy.

    To answer the question, I saw him on like The View last year and he was so hot- I started losing it sitting there. I never get like that, once every 3 years. And, in Fools Rush In, I would hit him SO HARD, he’d never forget me.

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