Would You Hit That?: Henry Cavill As Superman

Here’s Henry Cavill on the set of Man of Steel. It’s the upcoming Superman reboot. Because they didn’t make enough money on this one. What do you think of Henry in his supersuit? My only concern is that he’s wearing some sort of muscle mold underneath his outer skin. Trickery, or does he have body?

Also, and this is not a complaint, but where’s the Speedo? Did Lex Luthor or…whoever…

(Superman doesn’t have any other famous members of his rogue’s gallery like Batman. Batman has the Joker! And Catwoman! And this guy!)

…rip them off in a fight? Are they in the laundry? Did he gain some weight and feel that they weren’t flattering this season? It’s alright, because the suit by itself gives us more BULGE and more ASS.

So – would you? Most of us would, unless there’s a latex allergy issue.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: wacots.org

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28 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Henry Cavill As Superman

  1. so hit it… and the latex allergy probably wouldn’t be a problem… that should be rubberized vinyl.    and there is no red speedo anymore, even the comic got rid of that silliness.

  2. I like the costume overall.  I do miss the cape, though.  (For one thing, it would hide that huge zipper in the back.)  Hopefully he just wasn’t wearing it during scene setup and rehearsal, but put it on for the actual shoot.

    Anyway, Cavill has a good look for the role.

  3. He looks a tad short, for being the man-of-steel and all.  Maybe they fix that too in the final edits….

  4. I’d totally jump him, but considering how Brandon Routh needed digital editing to dumb down the size of his package, I’d love to have him for a threesome! 🙂

  5. Ahh for once my knowledge of comic books comes in handy! 😀

    The reason why Superman doesn’t have his red speedo is due to DC comics hitting the reset switch on their entire universe. Every Single Comic (including the big blue boy scout here) is resetting to number one, and some things are changing because of it. Minor or major details about characters backstory, lifestyle and yes, costumes. This costume is going to mirror Supermans NEW design, rather than his old one.

    And as to the question, definetely 🙂

    *Superman villains of note: Brainiac, Darkseid, Bizarro, Metallo, Doomsday, General Zod, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Solomon Grundy, Toyman

  6. the cape is going to be added later digitally, they said they would make a superman without the cape, but they want it to be really dynamic looking so they are going cgi, cross your fingers they get it right.

  7. Don’t panic.. the cape will probably be added with CGI.. as a cloth cape just gets in the way of the acting and never drapes flatteringly.

  8. Tom didn’t get to wear the suit, until 4 minutes before the series ended. I always wanted to see Tom Welling in some white briefs.

  9. Meh, how about a younger Henry Cavill in “The Count of Monte Cristo”?  All that swashbuckling and swordfighting, having a mancrush on James Caviezel’s character…

    But he was okay in “The Tudors” as well.  If, by okay, you mean “boner inducing.”

  10. Henry Cavill is one hot European man. I would do him upside down, bottom side up, and straight across the table and not to mention, eating his ass and sucking him. LOL I am such a slut these days in my fantasies.

  11. Who cares about the suit  ?   it’s only going 2 get ripped off ……. BTW who is the guy ( standing next 2 Henry ) in the blue tights ?

  12. I remember the controversy over the remake of Brandon Routh’s costume; this ought to send the fan boys right over the edge. As for Henry, he’s obviously packing! Nice booty, too.

  13. The guy with the black and white dots?  Probably a stuntman, for lack of a better term.  That’s how they do the GCI graphics.  He’s probably playing a bad guy or something who will eventually get replaced by some sort of computer-generated image.  They use a real person to film the scene so Henry will know where to look, punch, etc. and everything will be proportional.

  14. Or even better…in white briefs that he slows peels away to reveal the real super man. Tom rocks.  Henry is hot too but not only are the briefs missing but where is the cape. That outfit looks a little too Spidermanish.

  15. Mmmm first season Tudors Henry Cavill absolutely. Who can forget the naked ass in that scene with the sword to his throat? Superman Henry Cavill…yeah I guess. He’s a sexy sexy man. I just prefer him a little more chisled

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