It Happened On Manhunt: My 3-Day Sex Marathon

Believe it or not, some people don’t make room in their busy schedules for finger-banging and blowjobs. Seriously! It has nothing to do with their ability or desire to get laid. They just can’t resist being a slave to their family lives, professional endeavors or other similar factors. When, in reality, all they truly want to do is be a total cock slave

Today’s installment of It Happened On Manhunt brings us a tale of an overworked fellow, who finally gets a chance to release all that pent-up sexual energy. Join us as he takes us from his office to the hotel room, sharing one of his most passionate connections with the world (or at least everyone who reads this site).

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– Dewitt

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The past few months had been really hard at the office, and I hadn’t had sex in a really long time. So I started cruising Manhunt trying to find some ass. I sent out IM requests to all the hot guys I could find. Surprisingly, within a few seconds of sending my first request, I got a response.

We unlocked our pictures for each other, and I was amazed: THIS GUY WAS HOT! I ignored all the other IMs after that. This guy, “Craig” let’s say, was amazing, everything I looked for in a man—beautiful toned body, thick dark hair, gorgeous green eyes. And, apparently, I was everything he looked for in a man. I couldn’t have been more flattered and ecstatic.

It turns out he was really busy at his work too, so we couldn’t meet up. I’ll admit that saddened me, but for the next few days we’d cam at night, chatting like teenagers and masturbating like teenagers too.

Finally, we agree that we needed to meet up. A long weekend was approaching, and we decided we would get a hotel room. Fast-forward to Thursday evening. I checked into the hotel room and settled into the suite. I showered and put a robe on. Just as I sat on the bed, I got a knock on the door.

I opened it and saw two beautiful green eyes looking at me. I invited him in. As he turned to close the door, I let my robe fall. Seeing me naked, Craig’s face donned a look of mischievous passion. He pressed up against me and kissed me, whispering into my ear, “I’ve wanted you for so long.” That got me so hot, so I pushed him down onto the bed, straddling him and ripping his clothes off.

He was perfect, I have never been so attracted to a man. I worked my way down from his lips to his cock (making a detour to visit his luscious chest). I gorged on his thick cock, knocking it all the way to the back of my throat. My cock was already rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Noticing that, Craig pushed me off of his cock and reciprocated the favor… And he knew how to reciprocate, let me tell you.

I was about to cum, so I told him to grab a condom and fuck me. That he did. The mixture of attraction and stored libido in both of us equaled pure animalistic passion. We were sweating like pigs and panting like dogs. His cock slammed against my ass again and again and again, and I just wanted more. In the end, he shot the largest load all over my body, and I shot an equally, if not larger, load onto his face.

But that wasn’t the end, that was our first encounter. We stayed in the hotel room for three days, never leaving once. When we weren’t fucking, we were cuddling or eating. We explored every corner of the hotel room. We fucked on the floor, on the bed (under and over the covers), in the shower, against the open window, on the room service cart, against the minibar, on the ironing board. Anything we could find, we fucked on.

We didn’t only experiment with location, we experimented with style too. We switched roles of dominance, we were rough and fast, we were slow and loving, we used toys. We couldn’t get enough of each other. By Sunday morning, we had made our way through 2+ packs of condoms and a whole bottle of lube. We kissed goodbye and promised each other that if next year we weren’t committed, we would do it again. And who knows? He might bring a friend.

This was all thanks to Manhunt.

10 thoughts on “It Happened On Manhunt: My 3-Day Sex Marathon

  1. Part of me wants to believe these stories. However, the other part wants to think it’s just an outlet for really good porn writers, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, as long as it’s clarified that it’s fiction.

    Here’s an idea: since both parties are supposedly on Manhunt, how about sweetening the deal if both parties in the story respond (say, a 3-month extension for both guys, instead of one month for the writer). In order to qualify, the writer would have to reveal the Manhunt ID privately to MH Daily, who would then contact the other party and attempt to verify the story. Privacy could be maintained just as it is now, so anyone on the DL or whatever wouldn’t be exposed.

  2. Strange…you dont really see either one of these dudes faces in these pics….not very interesting as a result.

  3. awesome just what people need from time to time some hot sex for good release just don;t fall in love

  4. I can totally see this happening…  I’m just shocked they paid for 3 days worth of room service.

  5. Yep, that seems like just what Dewitt and J. Harvey want to do is set up a process like this so that they can verify stories for you. Who cares if it’s real or fake. Read it as if it were fake, enjoy the wood and let it go.  It’s just fluff on Manhunt Daily.

  6. I think you both misunderstand. As I noted, I don’t mind a good erotic story at all, be it fact or fiction. At the same time, I think it’d be fun to get the other side of the story, if there is one. Again, as I see it, the verification would simply be a bonus, not a requirement.

  7. No, I think I do understand. How does the verification make it better for you? The story is either hot or not as a standalone thing. Fantasies in your head don’t have to be true to be hot. Written stories don’t need to be true to be hot. It all comes down to suspension of disbelief.  And that’s going to be necessary because your verification process is not really likely to happen and if it did, wouldn’t you then want some way to prove that the verification story was real. It would be nice however if may the other person reads the story and submits one of their own about their side (I’m totally with you there) but to create an elaborate process to get it seems unrealistic.

  8. If you had that much sexual tension and chemistry, why didn’t they make a go at a relationship or at least dating?  I don’t get all of us sometimes.

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