Would You Hit That?: Andrew Lincoln

You may remember Andrew Lincoln as that dude who stood outside Keira Knightley‘s door in Love Actually. But if you prefer shooting zombies in the face over romantic comedies, you probably know him from AMC’s latest hit series The Walking Dead.

On the show, the actor plays lead character Rick Grimes, a former deputy sheriff who wakes up from a coma in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. While rotting undead corpses aren’t particularly sexy, an argument can be made in favor of Lincoln’s sexiness. Which side of the argument would you fall on?

– Dewitt

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14 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Andrew Lincoln

  1. He previously starred in Afterlife about a psychic he was following. He died in the series finale! Both star’s were SO good!! He is one hottie!!!!!!

  2. He’s hot, but in The Walking Dead I prefer his friend, the one who was fucking his wife. He’s a little more muscular and sexy. I didn’t know Andrew was in Love Actually. He’s one of the reasons I like to see this movie over and over again in Christmas.

  3. Glad to see Andrew is getting the attention in the USA , one of those guys who does fit the regular guy looks but has his own very sexy style and look. – dont know if you ever got a show called This Life about a bunch of students lawyers – he played a guy called egg – who was the boyfriend of high flyer Milly – great series and many great drama moments but did have them both in the shower fully nude if anyones able to freeze frame the pictures (and providing they put it on the dvd , so many dvds have such things edited out) This Life also stared Jack Davenport from Pirates of the caribean and Jason Hughs whos now the side kick DI in Midsomer Murders . Jason played a openly and very proud gay man in the series one of the first “unapologetic” gay men shown on UK TV.
    Three great guys in one series!

  4. Loved him in “This Life”, “Afterlife” and now in this series. Hmmm, seems to be a trend here…

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