Would You Hit That?: Alex Pettyfer

Who the fuck is this Alex Pettyfer fellow? We’ve seen his name all over the internet, and we’re still not sure why we’re supposed to know about him. He kind of reminds us of Kellan Lutz, in the sense that he’s more noteworthy for being gorgeous than anything else. Not that we mind or anything. Because he’s seriously fucking attractive.

Oh, wait, we’ve heard of this dude! Isn’t he in that movie with the chick from Glee? We saw the preview for it a while back and thought to ourselves, “Wow, this movie looks like a trainwreck. But holy scrotum. The actor in the lead role should never be allowed to wear clothing”. We get the sense this sentiment is far from original, considering he basically stripped naked for an interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

All in all, what’s your take on this matter–would you hit that? Would you call him back the next day? Would you let him keep a toothbrush at your place and have sex with you for eternity? So many important and deeply probing questions!

– Dewitt

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32 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Alex Pettyfer

  1. the Ellen interview shows he’s a nice guy AND the thought of that accent in my ear in foreplay and afterglow….well, WOOF!

  2. I normally wouldn’t look twice at a guy like Alex Pettyfer – but he is so gorgeous for some reason …

  3. He’s a pretty boy, but no. The whole “cigarette dangling from his lips” thing puts the total kibosh on that. Trashy look for a trashy habit.

  4. YES YES YES! He was the lead in a sort of Junior Bond movie (Alex Storm) He looks a lot different now, which is aother way of saying FIT!

  5. Urm…yes seems like to small of word for what I want to do with him. One of the most beautiful men alive or dead. Just gorgeous!

  6. Has a friend who worked with him on one of his movies. Said he was a complete jerk. takes all the hotness away.

  7. I first saw him in Alex Rider: Stormchaser..a 2006 film. I’m not a chicken hawk, but I’d take that one on. He is from Hertfordshire, England (Where he was born) He does no go with Halle Berry, unless she is some sort of cradle robber. She has to be close to 45…and she stays married most of the time when she is not getting a divorce. He is one very nice looking guy.

  8. Dude…you are so right. Halle Berry is 45 years old and this guy will not be 21 years old until April 10th this year. Don’t think he wold go out with an old lady. The hot part to think about is that his Mom and Channing Tatum’s Mom, have been best friends. Their families spend almost every holiday together. Can you imagine him and Channing getting it on. I know it’s a dream…a WET

  9. Um, give him 10 years, he looks like one of those guys who’ll get better with age… assuming he doesn’t smoke in real life.

  10. He was in a few movies like 5 years back. I remember him in that movie with Julia Robert’s niece. I thought he was amazingly attractive back then too.
    Short answer, heck yes.

  11. I totally with sparky on this one not my type but hes a total exception woof cant imagine how he will mature

  12. Sometimes, I wonder if Ellen is just pretending so she can get guys to strip. Either way…Awesome Stragety!!

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