Drawn To You: Matteo Black

Matteo Black describes himself as “just another erotic artist trying to survive in the big city”. For the past month, he’s been posting images of his sketches and original pieces on Tumblr, and we’d highly recommend it for anyone who’s interested or intrigued by the artistic process. Especially if you’re into bears, cubs or men of the beefier variety.

Of course, don’t get the impression that he’s a one trick pony! Matteo’s subjects come in all shapes and sizes, and his style ranges from detailed illustrations to haphazard sketchiness. Not to mention, the occasional cartoon-like figure thrown in for good measure…

Above is our favorite piece from his recent collection, featuring a hairy lad getting into some Marilyn Monroe action with his kilt. There’s a subtle and playful eroticism to this, unlike the exploding giant penises of fellow artists. Plus, those fuzzy cheeks sure look delicious!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Beelzeboy

To check out more of this artist’s work, follow the JUMP:

2 thoughts on “Drawn To You: Matteo Black

  1. I think these are great!! I love the chalk on brown paper, the texture and the reality of the subjects. Diversity in the body types is fantastic. Thanks for this post, Dewitt

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