Words Can’t Describe This Guy’s Fantastic Abs

The phrase “washboard abs” is one of the least sexy ways to describe one of the sexier parts of the male body. Like, “Hey man, you’re so hot that all of a sudden I’m thinking about people in olden times doing their laundry! Want to join my jug band?”

But then I look at someone like Manhunt member JtotheD, and I find myself completely at a loss for what to call his phenomenally appealing gut area. Not a gut, that’s for sure! But if it’s not a washboard, what is it? A Wavy Lay? An irrigated pasture? A marvel of gym engineering?

Guys that are long and lean but really worked out fascinate me, mostly because they’re the guys I’m most afraid to approach. The sex would be so athletic! Which would be amazing, but also, could I keep up with the owner of that midsection? (Don’t get me wrong, I would try…)

I’m not sure what JtotheD means… Are those his initials? Does he have his Juris Doctor degree? Is he the world’s biggest John Denver fan? Maybe you should ask him! He’s in the Vancouver area, and his profile says that he wants you to get at him. Who knows, maybe he’ll even want you to get with him.


See even more of this man’s glorious, glorious abs below:





Head over here to see more pics, view his full profile or send him a message.



15 thoughts on “Words Can’t Describe This Guy’s Fantastic Abs

  1. Mercy!
    I love bodies like that. Sexy. In shape. But not big giant overworked muscles.I’ll bet there’s quite the package beneath those pants as well. Oink.

  2. Unless your anatomy is radically different from a healthy humans, his abdominal muscles are definitely defined, and his ribs are just where they should be.

  3. Far too weedy. There are hundreds – thousands of guys with far more prominent and muscular abs. There’s two in the pictures underneath.

    His diddy little structure and extreme balding suggests he’s weak and has a smallie down below.

  4. Haha, you’ve got to be kidding me. Get the hell off here you sad sad pathetic being. I’m sorry that growing up in a single wife trailer didn’t afford you the room to lose your extra 80lbs of flub. Fyi, attaching your genitals to a passing tractor trailer to stretch it pas 3″ is hardly an accomplishment. So bye bye sweetheart!

  5. The tatt is about Marilyn Monroe’s autograph with a kiss…He has a Monroe’s poster in his bathroom, he has pink Lacoste’s towels and a Manhunt’s profile …Very straight,

  6. In the words of a great songwriter: “So you have a peefect six-pack! That don’t impress much!…”

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