Now Presenting: The 2014 Flip-Fucker Of The Year Award

The 2014 race for best versatile performer came down to Paddy O’Brian and Dirk Caber. Both models hit some major career highlights throughout the year, and I found myself fluctuating back and forth between them right up to the point that I hit the “publish” button on this post. I’d say that time will tell whether I made the right decision, except time has already given me a call to notify me that this was easily the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

(See last year’s list here.)

The rest of this top ten is all over the place, including some names you’ll expect to see along with at least one name that will make you question if I’ve been kidnapped by aliens and replaced by an imposter who just so happens to like buttholes as much as I do… Alas, it’s not a typo! That person deserves to be on this list, whether I like it or not.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: MEN.COM

Scroll down to find out who made the 2014 Flip-Fucker of The Year list:



Adam Ramzi

Next to Colby Jansen and Dirk Caber, my favorite flip-fuck of 2014 might have been brought into the world by Adam Ramzi and Sean Zevran. It’s my personal opinion that he was robbed in Raging Stallion‘s four-part series Cock Fight. (No offense, Landon!) And when you add into the mix fucks with Christian Wilde, Tommy Defendi, Seven Dixon, Logan Stevens and Sam Barclay, you’ve got a recipe for pure flip-fucking perfection.



David for Sean Cody

I’m just going to repeat what I said when I originally asked whether David‘s the Flip-Fucker of The Year: “He demonstrated his versatility with Peter in an excellent scene from January, then made the world collapse by flipping with Tanner. He made holes twitch on an international level in clips with Dean, Randy, Porter and Tate, and while his bottoming scenes were a bit more sparse, there’s a certain power to his moans when muscle jocks like Brandon and Brody are buried deep inside of him.”

While there were plenty of Sean Cody models who showcased a better balance of topping and bottoming in 2014, the fact of the matter is that David remained consistently good in whichever position he took on. His thick cock is just as drool-worthy as his fuzzy ginger hole, and I hope to see even more of him in the near future.



Ryan Rose

I don’t think it would be inaccurate to say that Ryan Rose is the Azealia Banks of gay porn. If we were to judge him as an artist alone—and, in his case, his art involves having sex on camera—most of us could respect what he has to contribute to the world. He ruins his appeal, however, with a consistently acidic and arrogant presence on social media, failing to transform any of his detractors into supporters.

It goes beyond the incident or the self-congratulatory apology that followed. There’s something about Ryan that makes him supremely unlikable to me (which might have something to do with that time he called me a “dumbass” and blocked me on Twitter).

Meanwhile, there’s something about Ryan that makes it impossible for me to disrespect his talents as a truly versatile performer. He delivered great scenes over the past year with Adam Wirthmore, Nick Sterling, Landon Conrad and countless others. If he tones down the drama and continues on his path to repentance in 2015, maybe he’ll rank a little higher on next year’s list…



Dato Foland

I can’t hold Dato Foland responsible for the fake interview in which (it’s quite likely that) an employee from Unmentionable Entertainment impersonated him and stated that no one fantasizes about sex with a condom. This beautiful preencess has a tendency to put on a good show, even when he’s placed in productions as basic and blown-out as A Very Merry Bareback Christmas.

If you don’t understand why he’s on this list, I’d encourage you to take a look at his work with Paddy O’Brian, Landon Conrad, Adam Champ, Rogan Richards, Scott Hunter, Logan Moore, Shawn Wolfe, Misha Dante, Flex Xtremmo and Darius Ferdynand, then proceed to ignore that things like this ever happened.


6. XL:


On entirely separate occasions, Manhunt Daily contributors Karsh and Lawrence approached me about interviewing XL. Although we never had the opportunity to speak with him, he made quite an impression on all of us in the pants-zone. His recent holiday threeway almost got him pushed to the “Get Inside Me Now” list, but after revisiting his flip-fuck with Tyson Tyler, I realized I’d need to get a piece of his ass under the (very) unlikely circumstances that he ever wound up in my bedroom.



Mick Lovell

Where the fuck do I even begin with Devin Totter? He’s easily one of this year’s breakout stars in the gay porn scene, providing us all a much needed break from overly-produced studio productions. We’ve seen him get double-penetrated, take on Bravo Delta‘s huge cock, stretch open a gorgeous muscle jock‘s hole, drill an Australian muscle daddy, do it on camera with his pup and stick a giant candy cane up his doppelgänger‘s butt.

There’s no telling what 2015 could have in store for him, but I’ve heard some very interesting, very promising rumors about his upcoming work…



Jaxton Wheeler

Earlier this year, Jaxton Wheeler upstaged MEN.COM superstar Johnny Rapid in the grand finale orgy of his own series, moving on to confidently state in an exclusive interview that, well, Johnny’s not a superstar. He delivered another two outstanding performance on bottom with Colby Jansen and Ty Roderick. Shortly after, he reunited with Johnny for some double-penetration action, and then he closed out the year on top with Nicoli Cole and Jaxon Colt.

(And that’s probably not even covering half of his work.)

Jaxton may not want to sleep with most of us unless we break out our wallets or offer him some pussy on the side, but you get the impression that he’d make it worth your while if you were willing to comply with either or both requests. He’s a professional who generally doesn’t half-ass his work, and that’s got to count for something.



Sean Zevran

As of this weekend, Sean Zevran was all set to appear on our 2014 “Get Inside Me Now” countdown. Then, moments after watching the trailer for his scene with Topher DiMaggio in Falcon‘s Naughty Pines 2, there was a moment of hesitation that swung me in a different direction. Sean is mesmerizing as a top and a bottom. The aforementioned flip-fuck with Adam Ramzi is clear proof of this.



Paddy O'Brian

Let me put things into perspective for you! Paddy O’Brian was the recipient of the 2013 “Get Inside Me Now” award. Within the past year, he didn’t stop making holes twitch with his irresistible mushroom head, but he definitely excelled when it came to bottoming. From his scene on a boat with Abraham Al Malek to his gangbang in “Howl“, Paddy’s fuzzy pink hole got more attention than it’s ever received, and I’d say we’re all just a little bit happier as a result.



Dirk Caber

It was almost prophetic when, in 2013, I asked if we had just experienced the year of Dirk Caber. We most certainly had not, because even if Alex Minsky, Paul Wagner and Rocco Steele are topping Manhunt Daily‘s other big lists, this has undoubtedly been the year of Dirk Caber.

Most of this had to do with MEN.COM‘s intensely popular “Stepfather’s Secret“, which included a pretty unforgettable triple-penetration sequence… But time and time again, Dirk demonstrated his versatility elsewhere. His flip-fuck with Colby Jansen in “Son Swap” was a dream come true, as were his other ones with Billy Santoro, Tony Orion and Tom Faulk.

Whether he topped or bottomed, he was equally boner-inducing in clips costarring Tim Kruger, JD Phoenix, Tom Faulk, Felix Barca, Johnny Rapid, Billy Rubens, Marcus Ruhl and his hubby Jesse Jackman. Dirk was everywhere this year, and the fact that we never got sick of him says something about the quality of his work.



5 thoughts on “Now Presenting: The 2014 Flip-Fucker Of The Year Award

  1. Yep. Nailed it! I would of course have put David at the top of the list but then I have a total crush on him. But still your list is perfect. Damn good year, especially for Paddy.

  2. My argument would be that there was more balance between topping and bottoming for Jaxton.

    The only reason David ranked so low is that he didn’t bottom as much as he topped. This might be faulty logic, but eh, it’s how things worked out.

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