Woof Alert: Tommy Defendi

Why is Tommy Defendi showing up in “Woof Alert?” Pure selfishness. After seeing these shots on CockyBoys of Tommy stuffing his giganto cock in Mason Star’s hungry holes, a flimsy motive was required. These two fuck warriors and their dirty antics needed to be shown! And Tommy has a beard and didn’t shave his chest…so it’s woofy? Voila – the Tommy Defendi edition of “Woof Alert.”

Actually, Tommy was kinda hard to recognize at first with the face pubes, but then his giant cock practically shattered the camera lens and it was “oh yeah, that’s Tommy Defendi.”

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: CockyBoys

For more shots of the newly woofy Tommy Defendi, Follow the JUMP:

36 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Tommy Defendi

  1. Not only is Defendi unbelievably crazy sexy hot (especially with the scruff), it seems like he also has a decent personality and a good sense of humor. 

    Is he really gay or just G4P?  If he’s family, his boyfriend is the @#$% luckiest sonofabitch in the world!

  2. Tommy Defendi is one attractive sexy man. I could never date a porn star like him because I would be jealous of him fucking other men on screen. I would want Tommy all to myself.

  3. So Tommy Defendi stars in a Falcon flick (new one) in which he fucks Marcus Mojo.  He is clean cut in this flick and oh so hot.  Realizing that we are similar looking and his hair in this flick is awesome, I cut out a Falcon pic to take to my hair guy.  Oddly enough, the pic with the best view of the hair is one in which Tommy is blowing Marcus, so I cut around it.  Now my hair guy keeps asking where the rest of the picture is and what he is doing.  I responded, “Give me a popsicle and I will show you what he is doing.”

  4. I definitely prefer Tommy Defendi hairy, but I also like the fact that he can look so different clean shaven.  He sort of has that man/boy thing going on and its very sexy.  

  5. the guy allways makes me bust a nut..such a fuckin hot man..love body hair n beards..so over shaved men..it’s not the 1980’s  guys!…men have body hair

  6. Hairy or not…HOT!!!!!  That video clip actually made it seem as if they were enjoying what they were doing and not “we’re following a script that was laid out for us”.  HOT!

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