Quickie: Scott Barnes Photography

Stumbling across Scott Barnes’ Facebook page was like falling face-first in a big pile of hot. Yeah, I typed that. The Chicago-based photog’s portraits of manly young men are VERY distracting. Seriously – research to write the “Quickie” for today should NOT have taken that long!

Barnes rightly dismisses the ridiculous notion that a nude male is automatically porn, but that doesn’t mean his work isn’t giving me dirty thoughts and naughty ideas.

We featured Scott’s “The Habits of Male Primates” series earlier this year. Today’s pics are some of his portrait work. Compare and contrast. Frankly, the color ones make me hornier. You?

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Scott Barnes

For more of Scott’s work, Follow the JUMP:

14 thoughts on “Quickie: Scott Barnes Photography

  1. I figured this would be a “Hot Flash” entry and not a “Quickie,” technically speaking.

  2. The face of #6 just makes my heart ache ! ! !  It’s so sincere looking and even just a tiny bit shy (!)

  3. You definitely picked the right guy to feature before the jump.  Wow, he’s a cutie!  The no-tell motel door in the background adds just the right extra touch of naughtiness.  I would order him for room service every day of the week. Yummy!

  4. Yeah I bet he shy from the waist up ONLY!  because that’s a BAD BOI smirk   LOL  🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. And the chest tattoo just makes him all the more “picturesque”. And I normally ma not a big fan of tats.

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