Fuck Vs. Fuck: Stuart Does Robert & Jamie

Weeks ago, we brought you the unfortunate news that Sean Cody‘s Stuart is, in fact, a “very dominant person”, rather than the raging power bottom we were all hoping he’d be. As much as we’d like to remain hopeful, we get the impression that he won’t be spreading those glorious hairy ass cheeks any time soon…

However, he did film hardcore scenes with a pair of the site’s most poke-worthy dudes—Jamie and Robert. These two have history with one another on Manhunt Daily. Prior to their epic flip-fucking session, they faced off against one another in a previous round of Fuck Vs. Fuck. While here’s no denying that Jamie was the clear winner (we write about him too damn much), there are a variety of factors that are different in today’s battle.

For starters, the playing field is as close to equal as possible, since they’re each getting fucked by the exact same man. On top of that? Neither of them has to compete against Ethan. I mean, have you seen that guy’s dick? It definitely stole some votes away from both of them.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Sean Cody

To check out both scenes and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:




11 thoughts on “Fuck Vs. Fuck: Stuart Does Robert & Jamie

  1. Hot. At last a decent top. Hairy rugged mediterranean kinds make better macho types than Whites, blondes and Blacks -who on the other hand, make excellent bottoms. I would proportion the cock’s size more to the top’s side though; I’m sure there are amazing huge cocked mediterraneas out there.

  2. I like tha fact that a man moans it let’s u kno that he’s 1: Enjoy’n it & 2: His hole isn’t wide open spaces, I went with good ol Rob on this 1!!!

  3. Stuart’s hairy ass and legs make me wanna throw mine in the air, and I’m a top!  Well, I guess not 100%

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