Quickie: Nick Bracks

Nick Bracks is the latest cover-boy for DNA magazine, which basically means the collective gay internet is jizzing their pants over him as we type. That’s what happens when DNA puts you on the cover! You’re placed atop the ultimate pedestal of homo-lust, until someone else arrives to take the weight off your shoulders. Just ask Nick Ayler or Todd Sanfield!

Admittedly, we pushed aside Nick for the past two days’ Quickies, in favor of Corey Wise and Maurice Salib. Tragic! We’ll find out soon if that was a mistake, when the three models compete against one another in next week’s edition of The Ten. Something tells us Bracks might have a chance…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Simon Le / DNA Magazine

To see more from this shoot, follow the JUMP:

Frankly, I think this picture’s sexiest of them all:

See additional pics at Arch Noble.

12 thoughts on “Quickie: Nick Bracks

  1. HOT! Read an interview with him, they asked him if he was gay. He didn’t give a clear answer. I wonder what that means.

  2. He probably didn’t understand the question. LOL. Son of ex-Premier of the State of Victoria, Australia.
    Recently appeared on Dancing With the Stars (?).
    Pretty..but…TOTALLY straight from what i have seen, and to be honest….a lil’ bit…um…….thick.

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