Woof Alert: John Connery

Before we go any further, you should know one thing about John Connery! No, it has nothing to do with his porn pseudonym being a rip-off of fellow Scotsman Sean Connery‘s name. But it does have something to do with his ability to fuck himself using his own eight-inch, uncut cock. Trust us, it’s pretty damn impressive!

When John isn’t too busy filling his own hole, he gives it up for his real-life partner Alan Knight.  With that said, he isn’t always too fond of being on the receiving end: “Alan thinks that since my dick is twice as big that he gets to fuck me twice for every time I get to nail him. It’s not fair, I hate it!” Geez, the things people complain about! Ain’t love grand?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Butch Dixon

To check out more of John Connery, follow the JUMP:

Here’s John Connery fucking himself:

And here’s John in a “threeway” with his real-life partner and a FleshJack:

15 thoughts on “Woof Alert: John Connery

  1. The man is HOT…you guys already know the ONE thing I don’t like about him…but I wish the still photos showed off his gorgeous foreskin…I got very excited when he was sticking his fingers in all that foreskin during the solo video…some of guys LOVE lots of foreskin…I hate is when uncut guys pull back the forskin for their cock photos…let’s face it, when an uncut guy meets someone in real life, that partner is going to notice the foreskin…so why not show it off in pics? I wanted to chew on this guys foreskin for days…perhaps even enjoy a hot docking session…looks like he had enough there…woof!

  2. where do I begin?

    these two bears are fuckin’ hot… the hairy chests, beards, un-cut cocks w/ foreskin…yummy

    haven’t tried getting fucked while using a fleshjack- must add to “bucket list” LOL

  3. OK, I realize that really “fucking yourself” is technically impossible, but let’s not call “barely sticking the head of a cock into an ass” “fucking”.

  4. WOW! What a cute furry guy. I’ll have to give fucking myself a go.. I wonder now why I have never taken the advice to ‘go fuk yourself’ more seriously before…

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  6. He is hott love his thick uncut cock an his hot asshole I could suck that cock an eat that hole for hours ..WOOF

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