Max London Finally Fucks Another Dude

Have you been following the chronicles of Max London? The red-headed jock appeared on the porn scene back in early August, and we were immediately enamored with his long cock and flaming pubes. Of course, this all left us with one big question–when the hell would he slide that monstrous rod into another guy’s butt?

We were given a false sense of hope when Max showed up in an oral scene with Chris Bines. As much as we loved watching the scruffy hunk bury his face into Max’s fire crotch, it still left us wanting a little more. In other words? We needed this man to deliver some hardcore ass-pounding action…

Alas, our prayers were finally answered a few weeks ago on Randy Blue. The incredibly hot Dominic Brown stole Max’s onscreen virginity, as he submitted his hungry hole for the shamrock-branded stud’s tongue and cock. Does this mean we’ll be seeing more of Max in the near future? We sure as hell hope so!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

To check out Max London and Dominic Brown in action, follow the JUMP:

How long will it be until Max bottoms?

12 thoughts on “Max London Finally Fucks Another Dude

  1. These Randy Blue trailers suck. You never even get a taste of what the scenes are like. It doesn’t make me want to pay to download any of their stuff. I have no idea what I’d be getting. You never even see cock…

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