In Case Your Don’t Have A 2011 Calendar Yet…

For the umpteenth year in a row, you’ve waited until the last minute to pick up a new calendar. How the hell do you handle this situation? Quite frankly, the options are overwhelming! You could go with everything from French rugby players to Nuns Having Fun. Or you could support a great cause while gawking at a bunch of oiled-up straight men.

Behold the 2011 FCKH8 calendar! It’s full of straight allies taking their clothes off for LGBTQ rights, and forty-percent of sales go toward funding the fight for marriage equality and supporting queer youth counseling and suicide prevention.

While the pink and purple color scheme may be a bit over the top, we’re willing to forgive the creators because–a) they chose some ridiculously hot models, and b) they’re pretty damn cute themselves. Head over here to pick up your copy today! It’s only five dollars, guys!

– Dewitt

To check out a behind-the-scenes video, follow the JUMP:

12 thoughts on “In Case Your Don’t Have A 2011 Calendar Yet…

  1. These men are hot, but I would rather have Rodiney Santiago’s 2011 calendar. I doubt that these men are straight. LOL

  2. I want this calendar, but do they really have to use words like “homos” and “fag?” I usually like offensive humor and all that — I’m not all uppity about being PC — but it seems like they’re trying too hard or something, as if all these lines were written by a straight guy trying to get on our good side and this is how he thinks we speak to each other.

  3. I would love to see more people support the cause because It help bring awareness to the society about equality. If more people do the same, it will show how strong we in this fight. Nobody can take us seriously if we can not take ourselves seriously.

    Divided we fail.

  4. Great calendar and great idea. However, I suspect that maybe only 4 of those 12 are actually straight. But hey, I’m ok with that. 🙂

  5. So this calendar benefits marriage equality and youth counseling, yet right there on the back cover are the words FAG and HOMO along with a picture of a guy giving me the finger… I don’t think I’ll be wasting my money on this lovely item. If I want to support marriage equality and youth counseling, I will go local and support the RU12 Center in Burlington VT rather than tacitly subsidize the use of the word FAG by some deluded person who thinks that is the way gay men actually talk to each other.

  6. This is awesome 🙂

    and yeah so what if they use words like “fag”. I mean, yeah it’s derogatory and all, but hey, baby steps right? 🙂



    – Love it.

  7. I think the point is that they’re “taking back” offensive language through sarcasm.  Not suggesting that this is how we normally talk.

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