Woof Alert: Eric & Craig

Meet Eric and Craig. If you can’t bear the sight of a confidently sexy chub, then I encourage you to stop reading this post immediately. You may have even gone too far already! Close your eyes, and douse yourself in holy water! Otherwise, we might force you to watch this slutty “fat” guy getting rammed up the ass by a (gasp) tattooed chaser.

Now, with that out of the way, who wants to watch this slutty “fat” guy getting rammed up the ass by a tattooed chaser? I’m raising my hand right now. You just can’t see it (unless you’re spying on men through a window of Manhunt headquarters).

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Stocky Dudes

Click through to watch Eric and Craig in action:

NOTE: We here at Manhunt Daily encourage you to make responsible decisions in your sexual activities, however you may interpret that. Please head over to Manhunt Cares for more information on safer sex techniques.

41 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Eric & Craig

  1. as my mother once said… “if you cannot say anything nice don’t say anything at all” and I will stick with that for now

  2. That is very mature of you.  We all have our individual tastes, and , wile this scene may not be everyone’s cups of tea, I’m sure some guys on here will find it hot.  

  3. where does one find chasers like that?  i mean, i’m nowhere near as big as that guy, but guy that look like the little one always turn me down because of my size.  is there like a store where you can go to get these guys, like lesbians and the home depot paint section (hahaha, that last one was a joke, chill guys)

  4. and not be on  a high horse or anything   PLEASE refer to us big guys as either chubby or stalky   saying were are fat is like calling a twink anorexic….it is somewhat demeaning….thanks 

  5. That’s why it was in quotes, silly! You should know by now that I’d NEVER use the term “fat” in a demeaning way.

  6.  I agree, when I saw the use the word FAT, I immediately thought about the sex actor’s feelings when he reads this blog.  Sure, anybody who does porn opens themselves (no pun intended) up to judgment and perhaps ridicule, (esp if they have dumb tattoos.)

    But Dewitt, come now.  I am in great physical shape myself, but I think it is rude and hurtful to refer to a large person as fat. You did it not once, but twice, while placing the word inside quotation marks.  You don’t think that’s somewhat insensitive?  If you were trying for absurd hyperbole to prove that you really enjoy large men, it didn’t quite work here.

  7. If Craig is reading this blog, he should know that I’d pound the living hell out of his deliciously thick ass. That’s really all I have to say about this matter.

    Let’s not put too much meaning on the word, when I was merely mocking those who use it in a derogatory fashion…

  8. I’m a big guy, not as big as the porn actor in this post, but this was really unsettling for me!!  I am in no way attracted to someone my size or bigger, and its not a shallow thing, it is a health thing and mental thing.  Big people statistically have more health problems and I would never date someone as big as me because I don’t want them going through health issues that are unnecessary, I’m having the same health issues right now, with my heavy breathing doing normal things, and my joints making weird noises, and on the risk of diabetes!!  I am currently working out and dieting to change my health.  And I hate when porn sites glamorize BIG guys, because it is like they are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle that could really affect you permanently.  Now please don’t start yelling at me and making crude comments, this is just my opinion the same way people think Tattoos are not hot (which tattoos are extremely HOT!!!).

  9. This scene is pretty hot, but the pierced nipples turn me off. And the top’s tattoos are really ugly, in my mind. I’m a tattooed cub, so I’m aware that there’s actually many chasers out there. I’m smaller than Craig (ironically we have the same name, but I assure you, I AM NOT HIM) but I’m in a similar situation where people are either turned on by my body type or turned off.

  10. like it would matter if he had put a few letters up there.  i always post as amonust, but no one knows who i am.  a screen name does absolutely nothing to remove anonymity

  11. growing up the way I did as a bullied child and ridiculed like i was it kinda dings a light per say…..but now that u say it stressing the quotation marks …. and yeah i am silly sometimes but i still love reading ur posts everyday and looking at the hot guys u put on here   KUDOS to u….keep it up.

  12. Coincidence …it’s a coincidence that you have the same name. Misusing irony, so not hot! 😉

  13. NOT at all 2 my liking    and I do think Dewitt is being unfairly criticized for using perhaps a bad choice of words  that I do not think where meant to be offensive but lets not kid ourselves guys Graig is over weight and I am sure that he would have had to expect some criticism after all this is a gay blog and who is more CATTY than a bunch of gay men on a gay blog  !!!

  14. Why wasn’t the “ugly fat guy” (and look, Dewitt, I’m using “quotes,” so that must mean it’s okay) not featured in your later “sexiest men of the week”? 

    Oh, wait, he wasn’t “perfect.”  Not like those guys.  We all know they are all “perfect.”  Look, I’m using “quotes” again. 

  15. Then, since it’s your “last word,” why wasn’t someone like him, or several like him, included in your “sexiest guy of the week”?  We can put lots of meaning in your words when your actions speak louder than them. 

  16. So what if Craig is overweight?  The top guy is skinny and covered with disgusting tatoos.  Oh, I’ll just say it – he’s downright ugly, a skinny, ugly, mutilated yuck.  And don’t forget, most guys are overweight.  That makes them normal.  Being skinny is abnormal and, therefore, unattractive.

  17. It doesn’t matter how “healthy” or “unhealthy” someone is.  No matter what anyone does, everyone will get sick and die.  No matter how much one tries to be 2% body fat, or have washboard abs, or exercises hour a day, or eats five small meals daily, they’re all going to get sick and die.  And no matter how “healthy” they’ve been up to that point, inevitable sickness and death is ugly.  All of us are going to end up being ugly. 

    By the way, tattoos are hideous.  Whey anyone would want to permanently mutilate their bodies like that is beyond me.  (Yes, I’m judging people who have them because they have no respect for their bodies in the same way people judge fat people thinking they have no respect for their health, so there.)  But then, in the long run, what does it matter if someone mutilates themselves like that with that disgusting tattoo stuff?  When they are corpses rotting in the ground or burned up in a crematorium, what difference does it make?  We’re all going to end up there, no matter what we do to try and be “healthy.”

  18. If you’ve bothered to go to the website, you’ll see these aren’t Stocky Dudes–they are Obese Dudes.

  19. Thank you Dewitt for the feature and the write up. After reviewing the comments I just want to say that although I may not be stocky and I may be “fat” I am perfectly healthy according to my Dr. And I do not live an unhealthy life style. I understand that my body type is not for everyone. But I appreciate the fans and admirers I have. I appreciate everyone expressing their support and the constructive critisicim of some peoples disgust and distaste. Dewitt warned you about the article content herein. No matter your opinion, I appreciate you checking it out 🙂

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