It Happened On Manhunt: A Few More Shorties

As noted previously, we often receive submissions for our It Happened On Manhunt series that are simply too short to print on their own. Although we want to acknowledge each of these members’ super-hot encounters, it feels like we’re cheating you in the process. You want all the juicy details! The whole kitchen sink! And you want it now!

How do we solve this problem? Well, we’re glad you asked! Every now and then, we’ll do a post compiling these shorter stories, mixed in with all the longer stories you know, love or doubt ever happened in the first place. This is the second installment of that nature. The first can be found here.

If any of these gems inspire you to submit your own heartwarming/sleazy/wonderful tale, please send an e-mail over to with the subject heading “Best Manhunt Story“. We’re giving away THREE FREE MONTHS of unlimited membership to Manhunt for longer submissions, as well as one month for shorter submissions like these.

Is there any reason to not take advantage of this? No! There is not! Submit your story today.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

Click through to read a few of our members’ stories:

One time when I lived in Boston, I went over to this dude’s house, and he lived in an awesome five-story apartment overlooking the South End. I walked in, and he literally tore off my jeans and immediately buried his mouth, throat and entire existence between my legs. After two hours of him sucking my future kids out of me, I came so hard that I got a migraine while I was cumming. My head hurt so bad! He got up and started to go wash up, and my body was still orgasming. I left feeling like I lost ten pounds and could barely walk home.

I had my first time with a guy thanks to Manhunt. I exchanged a few messages with a guy who knew I was nervous, but excited to fool around. I went to his place and we talked awhile, but that didn’t last long. Before I knew it we were sitting on his bed and we touched, then began kissing. I was still hesitant, but when we took our shirts off and hugged, I didn’t look back. Next thing I knew he was undoing my belt and unzipping my jeans. When we were naked, we jacked each other off. He asked if he could suck me, and I said “yes”. It was heaven. After doing that for awhile, we laid next to each other with our legs intertwined and jacked until we came.

Manhunt allowed me to hook up with my first pierced-cock top. At first it was a little awkward. Being afraid of my dyson suction blow-jobs, I was afraid I’d suck it out and choke on the ring (I was naïve then)… But, alas, it ended up being quite enjoyable. It was in the middle of the spring after first moving into my own third floor apartment, so it lead to an enjoyable, sweaty fuck-fest feeling my pierced-cock cherry popped. We tried several different positions, though if I had some real furniture at the time (instead of a flimsy blow-up mattress) then I’m sure we would’ve tried even more. So thank you Manhunt for making it easy for me to find any type of cock, in any size, shape, color [and adornment].

4 thoughts on “It Happened On Manhunt: A Few More Shorties

  1. I really have nothing to say about this post, I am just posting now cuz you actually LET ME on this one!

  2. And I’m sure as long as you are not mean, he will continue to let you post. I completely agree with Dewitt’s earlier decision to not allow postings for the death of that poor kid on Corbin Fisher. With all the cattiness we see on here via reader comments, the worst thing possible would have been to see more sarcasm and negativity when it comes to such a sad topic. None of us like every kind of guy, I know I don’t. But if I see somebody featured on here that’s not my particular type, (too fat, skinny, old, too many/few tats,  or God forbid the worst offense of all time, claims to be striaght,  or whatever), I don’t find the need to be nasty and insult the poor guy. I simply don’t comment, or if I do, I just say something like, ‘good for him, but not for me’. This is a blog for and by gay men to celebrate and admire all types of men, not throw darts at the pics of the ones you don’t like. It seems to me as some of us are meaner to our fellow gay men than the straight community ever could be.

  3. In re the last story: unless you were hoping for the experience of being fucked with a pierced cock to be painful and unpleasant, you misused the word “alas.” 

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