Who Would You Rather?: “Dancing With The Stars” Edition

The only reason to watch Dancing With The Stars is to watch whatever season’s “hot guy” shake his ass. Unless Nancy Grace is back on and letting bodily functions fly and her nipples slip. Nancy’s motto was “Elegance. Always.”

This is the third time I’ve asked you to choose which guy on the current season of DWTS you want to fuck. It’s become a tradition! You need to pick ONE guy (or all or none of them) from the show that you want to show your booty-dancing skills off to. And by “booty dancing”, I mean “bounce on his cock/have him bounce on yours”. Vote after the break!

Oh, and it’s ok if you pick Urkel. Although we’re pretty sure the guy in the pic above (William Levy) is going to sweep this shit.

– J. Harvey

Donald Driver (Green Bay Packers wide receiver)

Gavin DeGraw (singer)

Jack Wagner (Frisco from General Hospital, Peter from Melrose Place and Nick from The Bold & The Beautiful!!! Uh, what, I don’t watch the soaps. Uh, he’s an actor or something…? I think? *embarrassed*)

Jaleel White (actor/creater of the most annoying television character of all time/surprisingly nice arms)

Roshon Fegan (Disney person. We looked it up, he’s 20. If you still feel creepy picking him, we don’t blame you.)

William Levy (who cares what the fuck he does…he’s gorgeous!)

23 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: “Dancing With The Stars” Edition

  1. Although I did not vote for him (William Levy, of course), I do have to say that Jaleel White has matured into a nice looking man.  

  2. How about a poll for the professionals?  Derek, Mark, Max and his little brother, the Australian guy–harder to choose a favorite.

  3. Have to pick William since he has already shown his cock and it is just perfect.  I’m like Margie Cho in that respect, just like Subway I’m fine with a six inch, I couldn’t possible eat a whole foot long.

    And this isn’t a negative comment but more a question to the masses but has anyone seen Gavin Degraw without the hat in the last few years?  It looks like he had some work done on his face and is worried about his hairline.  I’m not trying to be nasty with that statement.  Tim Mcgraw does the same thing and I think he is sexy as hell.  Also I bought Gavin’s first album, when I was a senior in high school and I remember thinking he was cute but I don’t remember the constant hats in 2004.

  4. jboy the did say he looks good and he’s sex on a stick
    I don’t get the dark sided thing!
    No poll for the professionals please Macs personality alone turns off most who watch the show.
    Jaleel always looked like that actually if you saw Family Matters he had some machine that made him cool and debonair.
    Of course I picked William Levy.
    I can’t think of a time where I didn’t see Gavin without some type of hat honestly.
    The picture of Roshon Fegan is very unflattering, but on the first episode that kid proved he could dance kudos to the people who picked him 

  5. William Levy is on gorgeous Cubano. Who’s says, Hispanic is a race? Hispanics can be of any race and William Levy is a white Cubano.

  6. For those of use who remember Jack Wagner’s appearance in Playgirl, hr is so obviously the choice! Not only has he aged very nicely, but he can sing and act…and he has the most suckable looking cock! Woof!!

  7. Where can I see those pics?  I’ve tried but can only get the one that he has holding his hat over his crotch.

  8. I think he is totally hot as well.  He is fucking GORGEOUS!  As for those pics, do you still have them?  Does anyone have any pics of Jack Wagner naked?  Damn he makes me drool.

  9.  Total agreement here! From Frisco Jones on I’ve thought he was hot & that hasn’t changed yet.

  10.  But with all the money he made playing Urkel, you would think he could’ve paid a plastic surgeon to remove those awful bags under his eyes.

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