Woof Alert: Bo Dixon


It may seem a little late to pick up a 2010 calendar, but exceptions can be made when muscle bear Bo Dixon is involved. There are still nine more months in the year, and you should spend them doing something really worthwhile…

Much like fellow COLT Studio models Pete Kuzak and Carl Hardwick, Dixon is another man whose image has been embedded in my mind ever since the first moment I laid eyes on him. However, he's still willing to take his clothes off for fans (unlike the other two). And I'm incredibly thankful for that!

UPDATE: Hmm, we thought we were doing Bo Dixon a favor by helping him promote his 2010 calendar, but I suppose he wasn't too fond of us grabbing his images without explicit permission. Perhaps we should have done a little research on his relationship with copyright. We didn't mean any harm!

UPDATE: Bo Dixon sent us three high quality shots from his 2010 calendar. Check them out after the jump.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

To see more of Bo Dixon, follow the JUMP:

And just for fun, some old pics from his days at COLT…

Bo Dixon, COLT Studio Group

Bo Dixon, COLT Studio Group

Bo Dixon, COLT Studio Group

Bo Dixon, COLT Studio Group

Bo Dixon, COLT Studio Group

Bo Dixon, COLT Studio Group

Bo Dixon calendar
Bo Dixon Calendar

Bo Dixon

857 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Bo Dixon

  1. Nothing says more loudly, more clearly, or more forcefully to the whole world, “I have a passionate love affair with anabolic steroids” than these photographs. I hope he isn’t trying to fool anyone.
    I agree. It’s too much. So much so that it’s just patently unnatural.

  2. and to add to all the comments above – don’t people get that they would then need to have a 15 inch penis to match the rest?! why oh why…

  3. as above, the muscles are too much of a muchness for me……and, my dear! in that colt photo with the torn boxers and his legs spread…that is ONE nasty looking coochie!

  4. Well, thank you for all of the nice notes gentlemen. We all deserve a bit of bashing here and there in life – I hope the best for all of you. Although I know the intent was not meant to be malice, the posting of the calendar photos goes against a 2009, U.S. Copyright which bans any electronic storage or transmission of the photos for Bo Dixon Productions, Inc. without written approval. Combining this, with the comments – I ask that you please take these photos down as soon as possible. Thank you.

  5. now i had a feeling that mr. dixon would come here to see what you vultures had to say about him..
    ..lo and behold, but the very next comment i read, after thinking about this possibility. . . . . .
    . . . . .i really *really* liked the Folsom Street|Boy look: if you were to come to my door, with that bandana, and ball|cap askew, like that, i would likely die, right on sight!

  6. Please do the world a huge favor and not publicise this egotist anymore. Having met him, his pics are massively photoshopped and the personality needs work, too. How he can try to say he regrets his porn past after having had so many “sponsors”…lolololol.

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