Woof Alert: Archer & Maxx Drakos (No Hands Cum Shots)

There was another subject slated for this week’s Woof Alert, until I spotted demolition dude Archer on The Guy Site. He’s got that “normal guy” appeal, with his fuzzy torso, beautiful blue eyes and a dash of gray hair sprinkled in his goatee. Plus, he’s wearing a cowboy hat. I’m a sucker for cowboy hats, especially when the man wearing it actually looks like he could be a real cowboy.

Then, of course, there’s Maxx Drakos! He’s not a cowboy in any way, shape or form, but he was allegedly referred to the site by someone named “Bronson”. We have a hunch about who that might be. Spoiler alert! Our hunch involves gay porn star Bronson Gates, and we’d like to think his face has been buried in those pubes at some point or another.

So, uh, which of these hairy gentlemen would you rather play with?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: The Guy Site

Click through to see more of Archer and Maxx Draxos:


Maxx Drakos:

968 thoughts on “Woof Alert: Archer & Maxx Drakos (No Hands Cum Shots)

  1. I would like to know how many people who say they “threw up” when they saw this actually vomited in their mouths.

    Are your stomachs that sensitive, guys? Maybe you should see a doctor!

  2. Someday, karma is going to catch up with all the mean-spirited self-centered cunts on this page, and it’s not going to be pretty.

  3. The HATE, PREJUDICE in the gay community is what makes me want to Vomit.
    No wonder Alcohol, Substance Abuse and Suicide are so High in the gay community.
    I personally find the Abercrombie aestetic  limiting, not everyone wants a thin little pale Waif with a Hairless Asshole that looks like a Cunt. For those of you that worship that ideal get your Drugs & Alcohol ready, it has a very short lifespan.

  4. These guys are real MEN not the usual skinny ass smooth twinks … thanks for showing some HOT real manly MEN … For all the young bois on this site just wait til you are 10, 15, 20 years older 

  5. Some of you guys are funny. However, you are speaking how you truly feel in your heart. Everybody can’t have a gym body or work out 7 days or 24/7. Neither guy is ugly and not my type. I do find Maxx to be sexy with his pubic hair. I don’t mind a little beer belly like Max. I would date, fuck, and marry Maxx. However, I wouldn’t want him to get  a stomach like my father. (9 months pregnant)

  6. Santino, I understand how you feel. However prejudice, discrimination, and racims is a part of the gay and heterosexual community. Unfortunately, in the gay community everything is placed on age, looks, bodies. You can add depression to the list. Some men are born gorgeous and they don’t have to work out and go to the gym. Santino, I became a recluse a long time ago because society place emphasis on looks, beauty, and youth. It worse in the gay community. I keep a supply of Cymbalta for depression. LOL I don’t use drugs or drink alcohol.

  7. Cody, if must live long enough, they too will grow old and unattractive. Some want live to see 40 and may die of HIV or AIDS. Yes karma is a bitch. I know because it has come back to bite me in the ass for the bad things I said or did in this life. LOL

  8. Yee Haw!
    I would love to suck Archer’s “six shooter”, then bury my gray-flecked goatee in
    his ass, while creating my own Brokeback Mountain!
    I am glad I’m not a hairless twinkette Ken doll, with a smooth chest, 10 inch cock,
    marble-sized balls, bubble butt, that could only function if Gaga is on their IPOD!
    Remember HATERS, if your lucky like myself, someday you’ll get over 50,
    and realize that age brings experience, and plenty of offers for sex!

  9. A little meat on the bones is one thing. But little meat AS the bone (see pics of Maxx) is something else.

  10. I hear ya (though I do get out of the house)… but just so u know, cymbalta is a drug, and it can be addictive… I used to take an anti depressant but my doctor told me to stop before I got addicted to it… it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions since, but I am restarting therapy, which helps too… so I hope u r seeing someone too as well as taking cymbalta…

  11. I look forward to the day when all the bitchy “they need a diet” queens on here end up the orange, wrinkly, Palm Springs daddy rejects that they should become. 😀 These guys are perfect how they are. The hairy daddy is hot. The hispanic guy is okay, but I’m sure there are people out there who think he’s a hot. Where’s the point in commenting on here just to be a bitch? 

    Dewitt, they are hot! I would love to see more of the hot, hairy daddy type! 😀 

  12.  Dewitt  ARE U SER$IOUS ?  These photos should come with a barf bag … Don’t be surprise if you start receiving letters of complaints from  PETA !!!

  13. What’s odd to me is that neither of these guys are fat and both actually look to be in pretty good shape, so they have a little beef on them so what. Some gay guys actually like to fuck MEN and not anorexic, hairless, coke addicts who try to look look like twelve year olds. Both these guys are fucking hot and I loved seeing their pics. 

  14. There’s much love for Archer over this way… just the way he is. For those with hateful things to say: go busy yourselves stealing someone else’s lunch money. Meanwhile, I’ll invite Mr. Archer over for dinner *and* dessert.

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