Ultimate Fighter Dakota Cochrane Regretting Sean Cody Work

You often wonder about the people who finish with doing porn and then go on to publicly bemoan their past work with X studio. The Sword has a withering post about future reality TV star and Ultimate Fighter Dakota Cochrane doing exactly that. Cochrane, who is straight and has two kids, did 16 films for Sean Cody under the pseudonym “Danny” when he was a student at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.  He’s set to star on the reality show Ultimate Fighter 15. Hence the sudden publicity about his past vids. Here’s what he had to say to  MMA Fighting about it:

“It’s definitely a decision I regret,” [Dakota] told MMA Fighting. “If I would have known what would happen I definitely wouldn’t have done it. But I had money issues and I needed help. I went there to do pictures, and they started throwing pretty high numbers in front of me. I didn’t really think. It was a big mistake.”

Why do people do porn in the first place if they’re just going to bag on it after the fact? Let’s examine this issue after the break.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Sean Cody


1) They find it hot, and they like showing off their body and fuck skills for the world. The money is just gravy.

2) They need money.

3) They have a drug problem and need money.

4) They want a better job in the industry (producer, director, studio owner) and are starting at the bottom (so to speak).

5) They’re thinking it will lead to more mainstream jobs in the entertainment industry.

6) It’s for a thesis.

7) This is rare (I hope) but blackmail, etc.

Are there any I’m missing?

Whenever someone starts publicly bemoaning their past and and saying it was something they had to “overcome” (that’s a quote), head back to the start. Why did they appear on film doing that in the first place? I’m reminded of an MTV True Life special from several years ago. It was about people’s first time doing fuck flicks. There was an interview with a former porn actress who now counsels the young ones before they do it. She said that when she talks to a potential porn actor before they pull the trigger, she emphatically tells them – THIS IS ON VIDEO. IT WILL BE AROUND FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. YOUR PARENTS, FAMILY, OR FRIENDS COULD SEE THIS. In this day & age, this is a given. How can you drop trou and fuck a guy in the ass (or get fucked in the ass) on camera and not know that EVERYBODY is going to see this shit? He knew.

Dakota made $5,000 a film. He ended up making $80,000 in total from Sean Cody. It’s just kind of hard to feel bad for this guy, especially when he and the producers of his show are using this “wah, I was gay for pay” schtick to sell their show.

It’s just sort of insulting. Why not say – “I needed the money” and that’s that? “Overcome” is a strong word. You don’t have to practically equate appearing in adult films with crack addiction or beating your girlfriend.

Another question – do we think everyone’s taking it easy on him cuz’ he’s straight? If he was a gay Ultimate Fighter and did gay porn for money and then was breaking into the UFC business, would people be giving him more shit?

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  1. Gotta say dude, sounding like a total douche here.  You’ve never done something you wish you could take back? Been in a bind and  needed money? Seriously, we’ve all made mistakes, don’t be a dick just cause this guy laments his gay porn past.  He knew it would bite him in the ass (so to speak), but he was young and probably didn’t think about his future or the consequences of doing the porn as much as an older person.

  2. He might or might not regret it. He shouldn’t feel ashamed for supporting his family. He was probably fed a line to disclose this stuff before it became a scandal. And yea the show is probably milking this for ratings. BTW Dakota Cochrane sounds like a porn name.

    And Gays in any professional sport is still taboo… So yea it’d be much worse if he was gay doing porn work.

  3. What kind of a straight guy gets fucked on film? I’m not criticizing him but I have  hardly any desire to f a pussy. I’m going through a porn dilemma at the moment. Shall I or shan’t I? I’ve been organizing it but I’m having second thoughts since I met a special person. I don’t want to regret it.

  4. Gay gay and gay… As the Queen once said “If I could turn back time”… Well you can’t cus you’d still be gay… Come out and stay out.. Cus you can’t go back in.. Just take a look at the joy he was having at Sean Cody ….

  5. The fact that he did 16 vids speaks for itself, it’s not even as if he did it once. He knew what he was doing suck it up buttercup.

  6. just let people do what they need to do..it’s about them, not you; that’s where all the drama comes from. so what if he regrets it, he’s proud of it, whatever—it’s done, it’s over, move on, and let people be, I thought that’s what freedoms all about.

  7. You know the consequences of your decisions and you only do what you feel comfortable with, no point doing something then whining about it….ugh

  8. I think he more so regrets not getting anymore call backs for Sean Cody! Now he  has to do ultimate fighting to pay his bills which offers almost as much physical contact (face pounding)  from other men with a lot less release (ass pounding)!

  9. The more gay literature I read, the more I find it difficult to label someone as gay just because they have gay sex. He also has two children but no one appears to be rushing to claim him as bi. It is feasible that he isn’t gay or bi at all and just a college student who was in a bind and did what he had to. Perhaps the sex felt good and he even enjoyed himself. He isn’t exactly saying her egrets having had sex with other men, just that he got paul to do it. Regardless, why so quick to label him. It is of his past. Is there any indication that he is still doing it? Why can’t he be labeled what he truly is… A sexual being.

  10. *sniff sniff* the poor man ….he has so MUCH to overcome ……. considering he did it SIXTEEN TIMES ….. just ONCE I wish one of these guys would say “Ya know what? I did it …no big”

  11. Move on Dakota (is that his real name or another nom de plume or stage name?) 16 films under your belt you must have liked some aspect of the industry apart from the money if you kept going back,Hell I’d do porn..if there was a market for old blokes like me..

  12. I hope that condom queen’s life is ruined. He deserves it for making a living off misrepresenting and oppressing men’s natural sexuality, making that condomized crap he seems to think is porn.   

  13. having sex with a man and enjoying does not make you gay. As far as i know, anatomically, gay men and straight men are the same. Things that can pleasure a gay man can work well with a straight man and vice versa.

    I thought all gay men know that it would take someone on an emotional and mental level to be gay and not just physical. 

    I believe he is straight without a doubt. 

    I hope people can move on from this. It is just porn, what is the big deal? It is a profession just like any other. 

    Anyone who puts down this profession is a hypocrite. 

  14. Damn!  For $5K a film, sign me up! LOL  He may say he’s straight, but he sure looks happy with that dildo and a couple of other cocks in his mouth/ass.  I think he is just trying to hide he is probably bi-sexual learning towards gay.  He is damn cute!

  15.  Sexuality is a funny thing. There’s not enough Viagra in the world to
    help me get it up for a woman, but these “straight” guys seem to be able
    to get it up for guys. I’m thinkin’ there’s gotta be at least some
    percentage of gay in those brains and cocks of theirs. And I agree: You
    can regret doing it, but what’s done is done–might as well just embrace
    it and move on. It’s not going away. I never did porn and don’t post
    naked pictures of myself because I thought ahead and decided I wouldn’t
    want to have that stuff out there. Never got a tattoo because I was
    never so sure that I wanted to see it for the rest of my life.

  16. i’m a huge fan of seancody, and was very into “danny” for a while — i’ve watched all of his videos a number of times, and there’s a fair bit of “behind the scenes” footage and actual non-production interview material — it is a flat out lie for this guy to claim he’s straight or that he did gay porn solely for the money — he liked (likes?) sex with men

  17. If I were him, I would shut up my naysayers by saying something like, “Yeah, I got paid EIGHTY FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLARS” to have sex.  How much did you get paid the last time you got laid?  Or were you the one having to do the paying?”

    I’m inclined to believe that this is all for show.  I think he was a young, good looking, horny college-aged guy who was comfortable enough to have sex with other men (in addition to having sex with females in his personal life, most likely) in exchange for obscene amounts of $$ that most college kids can only dream of.

    He probably never figured he’d have a high profile job after college and now MMA Fighting is trying to pro-actively go on the offensive with his “I hated and regret it” rather than be on the reactive defensive after it leaks.  Plus, this is a PR coup!  More people have probably mentioned MMA in the past however many days than since they’ve been in existence.  It’s all about the benjamins, folks.  It’s ALWAYS about the money.

  18. Always enjoyed watching Danny, but never doubted for a minute that he was straight or bi.  He probably did need the money and enjoyed the sex but decided a wife and children were the right decisions for him.  

  19. I’m sorry, but NO straight guy would get fucked up the ass for money if he was 100% straight.  They MIGHT get blown or MAYBE fuck a guy for cash, but taking it up the ass ON VIDEO?  Get real.  This dude is gay or bi.

  20. You know what the “bottom” line, something of this nature one should realize that some things we do cannot be undone, he had to be aware of this. Like celebrity sex tapes, those are never an accident and it s too late once it s recorded, Danny is just going to have to live w this and accept that it will always be there. Some consolation, there are mountains of porn out there, so it s not like like he did something so rare that it will haunt him forever. Get over it, and thanks  for the hot pics.

  21. you douches are all the same … some guy does gay porn and then finds out that all the people who watch his videos and jerk off to them in private come out and publicly excoriate him for choosing to make money off his looks … you’re just jealous because nobody would pay to see your sagging asses on camera. and by the way, men can have gay sex and still identify as straight, it’s a choice, and one that everyone should be free to make. i can’t believe i have nothing better to do than read this. fix the fucking economy, president obama!

  22. Ok Dakota we forgive u for doing that 🙁 IF u give us the real identity of that hot top that fucked u! PARKER! :p

  23. All this crap about being gay/bi/straight??? who gives shit. In my many years and experience I have found straight married guys luv to be fucked up the ass, and have their balls played with… their partners in gay sex are doing what the females will not do in the bedroom…geez guys its like and very normal….

  24. Sorry, but plenty of straight guys are into taking dildos up the ass.  The way your prostrate is wired has nothing to do with your sexual orientation.  And nobody doubts that all those faux straight porn lesbians are doing it for the money.  If the ladies can grin and bear it, I don’t see why the straight boys can’t as well.

  25. One question… MMA fighting on reality TV is a professional sport, really??
    Message to Dakota (total porn name) Cochrane: 16 fuck films for $80,000.00 = boo-fucking-hoo!

  26. I could understand it being a “mistake” if you did it once.  You know, I went for pictures and then they offered me this money…and before I knew it I had a dick in my mouth.  But He did multiple videos over an extended period of time.  The whole ‘regret’ thing is definitely being used as a tool, to get ratings and generate interest in this show. 

    But whatever, he did some really hot scenes.

  27. I don’t know how he went to SeanCody to “do pictures”. There’s nowhere on the site that’s dedicated to pictures without video to back it up… it wasn’t that long ago he was on there, maybe 2-3 years?

  28. I’d also bet that we’re going to see a lot more of this in the coming years, as gay porn moves away from a handful of WeHo boys working for a couple of studios in the Valley to hundreds of Internet-based sites, many of them featuring the ‘straight, broke, clean-cut, all-American college guy’ type.

    I think we’re going to see a LOT more young men (and women, too, if you count straight porn) who find themselves in higher-profile careers than they ever expected, suddenly having to explain their decision to participate in homosexually-themed adult entertainment in their past.

    I’m curious to see how society reacts to these guys, especially as porn in general becomes more and more mainstream and statistically (tens of) thousands of people will have actively participated in it.  Right now, we’re still in the “I hated it; it was a mistake” phase.  Interested to see when or if these guys will ever simply say “I did it for the money.  It was an experience when I was younger.  It doesn’t define me as a person or my sexuality.  So BFD.”  

  29. I don’t see what the big deal is. He did it, was asked about it and regrets it. Wow, that’s really shocking, someone regretting a decision they made.

    I don’t see him asking for pity. I don’t see why anyone should be angry with him. He doesn’t owe you anything just because you liked to rub one out to him.

  30. I’m okay with him defining himself as straight, even though he clearly is at least somewhat bi. There are probably very few of us who are 100% gay or 100% straight, even though most of us would pick one label or the other. I happen to be a gold-star gay, but many men who identify as gay have had some form of sex with women, and many straight guys have “experimented” or had some sort of same-sex attraction… it happens. 

    But having sex with men 16 times on camera, then denying in any way that you are bi and also suggesting that the porn industry is somehow a mistake or dirty, but yet profiting heavily from it, is what’s offensive here in his statement.

    I’m sorry, but no amount of money, viagra, fluffers and gay porn playing in the background could make me hard while eating pussy or fucking one. If you can get it up and get off while a guy’s balls are slapping your taint as you’re getting shupted, I just don’t buy that he is mentally and physically not into it. You can’t fake getting a boner while you’re sucking cock. I’m sure he prefers women, but dude, if you were in a five-gy, you may wanna re-examine your sexuality.

    And calling it a mistake to get $80K for a career in gay porn is just weak. The way everyone seems to be jerking off on cam in this age of zero privacy, how can we still consider porn to be a dirty industry? So many people’s Internet past is going to come to light one day. Get over it. Sex is nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe he’s already taken too many hits to the head…. hard to say.

  31. I fucking love an idiot saying it is a choice.. Gay is not a choice I thought that was cleared up a long time ago. The only choice we have is be out be proud or stay in and be fucked up. I chose out and proud..

  32. In the long run who really fucking cares? Not me doesn’t affect my life. Go get your fucking brains pounded out.. You will till be gay just with brain damage…. Won’t that be pretty ….

  33. could it possibly be that he is just saying this so he can save face with all of the would be fans he may be bound to get on his new show. As a fighter maybe he wants to make it look like he feels bad about the porn so any straight guys who hear about his porn will still root for him in the cage. Personally i think MMA is homo-erotic in itself. So maybe he is just going further into the closet with a more socially acceptable outlet for his man love.

  34. That bed just happens to have 2 other naked men in it!

    and maybe it’s a good thing he did the seancody thing, now I’m tempted to watch this MMA fighting show I’ve never heard of!

  35. another gay for pay boring discussion – they made money – you got off…can we move on? 

  36. What a big deal about doing porn? People should be able to do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone. It is ridiculous of the media portrayal of someone who has porn past. If someone offers a good stash of cash, I will do porn in a heartbeat and never regrets.

    What puzzles me is how he forces himself to constraints and renounce his past. Your past will always be part of you, you can regret it or embrace it and learn from it. Your past is part of the life experience.

    Speaking of sexuality: Why everything has to be polarized either straight or gay Some people are very sexual and trying to label them straight or gay is just ridiculous.

  37. The way i see it, live your life, make mistakes, regret nothing, in 100 years. NO ONE WILL REMEMBER, in less than that, no one will even care.  The only person whose judgment matters is yours.  the rest, really don’t matter at all… besides, he’s a hottie, hot people get a pass on their mistakes, it’s like a rule or something. 

  38. so he has 16 gay porn videos he regrets, and soon he will have 16 episodes on a reality show he will regret… this dude wants to be in front of the camera, he has a need for that and he will do whatever it takes… and he is okay with putting his body under duress..

    if that career fails, what will he do next?

    I have way more sympathy for the teacher who was outed (somewhat recently, late last year) for having done some gay porn…. there were quite a few women as well, that either did porn or stripping… at least the ultimate profession chosen is constructive to society… I do not see any honor in getting paid to be smacked around, or smacking others around… countdown to him being called the F word on this “reality show” starting now…

    never done porn myself, nor reality tv for that matter…. came very close to doing escort at one point, but decided not to (went to graduate school instead)… but if I had done it I’d not regret…. one can only regret the past if they r not happy with their present… and the present, we r the only ones responsible for it… so we make ourselves happy, beyond our circumstances by choosing to being happy with whom we are, where we are…

  39. Needing $5000 badly, sure.  Student loan, a car, travel, whatever.  Suitable excuse for doing it ONCE.
    NOBODY NEEDS $80000 THAT BADLY!  Unless, that is, you enjoy either the job, the money, or both and willingly go back time and time again and claim it and do more and more. 
    Accept what you did was YOUR decision (each of the 16 times), and take the consequences.  I hope you didn’t blow all the money (pun intended)

  40. And STILL the phantasmatic belief that pornographic actors are in those films out of some free choice, and that they enjoy it in a healthy way.

    As pointed out above, this particular person (not the first) has gone from one set of poor judgements to another, pornography to reality television.  Somewhere in this mix of attention seeking behaviour are two children who will have to deal with the consequences of growing up in the care or sustained presence of someone whose judgements call for some questioning. 

    As for the $80 000 … sometimes one DOES need that money badly.  The larger cycle of debt in which the global economy has slumped is visible right here in the poor choices to do regrettable things for money for what at the time seem like necessities … And still porn sites sell these as merely horny or oversexed men, not psychologically not quite together youths making seriously compromising choices.

  41. His past should remain his past… what anyone does to survive is no one’s business, the old “let he who is without sin…etc”.  I only take issue with his status as straight.  Agreed, the “plumbing” for any man is the same.  If anal intercourse stimulates a gay man, it is only natural to say, it would stimulate a straight man.  But the totally straight men I know, who LOVE anal intercourse, do not do it with men for money or for free.  They do it with women.  This man definitely gets off on the “gay” aspect of the action… he was “Lucky Pierre” for God’s sake.  Bi-Sexual seems to be the proper handle for this “ultimate fighter” (with a decide preference for woman)

  42. First, I don’t think we should necessarily believe he earned $80K just because he claims he did. And second, I think he’s lying when he says he regrets it. His vids take up TWO pages in seancody.com, more than a dozen vids, and I don’t think anyone does that without enjoying it, and I think the only thing he’s sorry about is that it’s now exposed & receiving attention that’s embarrassing him.

  43. There are 3 things i hate most in this world: injustice, abuse of power, bitches, and HYPOCRITES!! Okay… make that 4 things.

  44. ok, so first, let me say that this is my opinion. Many people will agree with me, many won’t. It’s just my opinion, but I’ve never been a big believer in “gay for pay” actors. If you didn’t enjoy it, even  a little, you wouldn’t do it, no matter how much money your getting paid. I think they are afraid to admit that they enjoy it (even to themselves), so they justify it to themselves and others by saying they do it for the money. I’m not saying I’m right or wrong, just how I’ve always felt about it.
    As far as Danny/Dakota is concerned, I was a HUGE fan of his during his days on Sean Cody. I saw all of his videos and still have them all. Now, I get being desperate for money, we’ve all been there at one time or another for the most part. However, based on the what I saw and heard in those videos, he clearly was enjoying himself immesnley in all of them. Now, if he truly was doing it for the money, like others have said, why didn’t he limit himself to jerking off, maybe getting a blow job? No, he did 16 videos in which he topped and bottomed numerous times. He filmed group sex videos. He kept going back and clearly was enjoying himself in those films. He says he regrets it now, that he needed money and they were throwing it at him. Ok, so let’s look at his current situation: He’s trying to make a name for himself and a new career in as a MMA fighter. Who is the core audience for MMA? tough acting, straight guys. He won’t be accepted and be able to build a fan base with a past in gay porn, but he can’t deny it, so he’s going to try and distance himself the only way he can. By saying he regrets it but was desperate for the money. Even if he enjoyed every second of it and still secretly does it on the side (hypothetically), he can never admit to that to the MMA audience.
    As far as some of the comments I’ve seen so far, let’s get real, “gay, straight, bi” are labels society has put on sexuality. I think if there weren’t a such stigma attached to sexuality in our society more people would be sexually open minded and having more same sex experiences. Most are just afraid of it because of the society we’ve all been raised in telling us what is supposed to be right and wrong. Manhunt, all those other websites and cruising places are filled with guys who are married or have girlfriends and are living a secret double life. Hell, most of  the guys I’ve hooked up with over the course of my sex life have been “straight” guys.

  45. I would buy his excuse about needing the money, and it being one of the biggest mistakes of his life, if he only did one video.  Dakota starred  in 16 Sean Cody videos, and I have a few of them.  Either he really loves having a cock in his ass or he is one hell of an actor.  “Gay for pay” is a b.s. excuse for someone afraid to be honest with themselves. 

  46. hell he’ll probably end up with a huge MMA fan base.  I know a lot of gay guys involved in MMA.  That and many who like watching two half naked men beating the crap out of each other.  Dakota will probably end up causing UFC’s ratings to climb.

  47. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around Sean Cody paying $5000 a film. The mainstream stars (Falcon, Titan, etc.) don’t make that much a picture.

  48.  I didn’t say anything about taking a dildo up the ass, I said “get fucked up the ass”.. that is, by a guy.  There’s a huge difference between a chick putting a dildo up your ass and some dude fucking you with his cock.  One is something ACTUAL straight guys are into, one is not.

  49. God, I am so proud of my school for him right now.  Gotta love Kearney.  Where are the rest of those guys?

  50. WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH, are you actively trying to say that condoms are bad? STDs are rampaging gay America and you DARE get on a porn star for wanting to protect himself? What the fuck is wrong with you man?

  51. Ok, although he may now say he regrets doing the porn shoots, I’m sorry but if there were some time in my life( and there has been a few) where i could have done what he did to be able to make financial ends meet then i would have. You cant regret things that helped you survive in your life. I think he just needs to acknowledge it, and not make such a big deal out of it and hey, i’ll bet hes getting alot more in and out of ring attention for it from the other fighters…who knows maybe some of them have done the same thing, but havent said anything. As well maybe hes found some new “friends” in the fight club…:-)

  52. I think he’s bisexual. Maybe in a difficult situation (shortage of $$$) he did and didn’t think over result later. We should forgive all his mistakes. Everybody have mistake.We’re human not a Saint.

  53. It’s a lie — they pay 2k – 3k a scene, maybe more after they are popular and you sign an exclusive contract. That rate is high, but they don’t want their models to go to other porn companies, so they make sure its a rate that most websites can’t match. However, if you are a closeted bisexual guy and everyone around you just found out that you had 5 guys fuck in you a gang bang for a porno and did 15 more videos, you jack up the rate so it becomes justifiable.

    Please note, that during the time he was making porn, he was on a full-ride athletic scholarship at the University of Nebraska – Kearny — what bills did he really have to pay? Sounds like the better story is — he made some money, got a new vehicle and liked the extra cash to buy whatever he wanted.
    And he enjoyed the sex, the trips to San Diego and Palm Springs, the hotels, the meal allowance, etc. But he didn’t hate it as he describes — he enjoyed it enough to come back for multiple trips.

  54. $5,000 a session does not make Dakota gay or straight. It makes him
    naive and desperate. Desperate, naive people do desperate, naive, and
    irrational things. Now he is trying to course-correct his past by
    bad-mouthing his porno stint. But he comes off sounding like the
    teenage mom who got pregnant and ended up on welfare and now wishes she
    hadn’t, because welfare sucks and she resents the high cost of
    parenting. Well, what Dakota is learning the hardest possible way is,
    sports careers, like children, require constant, careful nurturing.
    Whatever caused him to trade on his sex appeal and forget that it would
    impact his athletic aspirations, is now unavoidably impacting his
    athletic hopes. He can try to explain away the folly, or hate it, but I
    fear it will stick with him like a bad tattoo he can’t quite remove. I
    wish him all success. Certainly he’s not the first athlete with a
    gay-related past, but he now sees the high price of youthful
    indiscretion. Let’s hope as a father he can pass that life lesson along
    to his own children when the time comes. Peace.

  55. What porn stars make I will do it in a heart neat and will have no regrets I would enjoy the money

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