It Happened On Manhunt: A Naughty Lunch Break

What did you do for your lunch break today? We can assure you, it probably wasn’t as exciting as this week’s submission for It Happened On Manhunt. Admittedly, we couldn’t find the right pictures to match the intensity of this tale, so you’ll have to settle on looking at some solo shots of Chaos Men model Quinn (who many of you seemed to enjoy in last week’s Cock Buffet).

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Photo credit: Chaos Men

To read this member’s story and see more pics, follow the JUMP:

This happened to me today on my lunch break.

I had been talking to two different guys for a while, but never got a chance to meet up with either. The first guy (let’s call him Tom) is a flight attendant. When I saw that he was in town, I was going to contact him until I got an e-mail from the second guy (let’s call him Bill).

He said he was going to go and fuck Tom, and he wanted to know if I would join. Since I had been wanting to do both of them, I jumped at the chance.

I met Bill in the lobby of Tom’s hotel, and we went up to the room. As we entered the room, Tom was laying face-down on the corner of the bed, ass in the air just waiting for to be licked, sucked and fucked. What a sight to see!

Bill immediately got down on his knees and started rimming Tom. I’m just watching in awe, and before I can even start removing my clothes, he waves me over to get a taste. I kneel down and start to devour that fine looking ass. As I’m going to town, I feel hands around me starting to unbutton my shirt and remove my belt.

Tom is now squirming under my tongue, wiggling around and around and making me even hornier than I was. I stand up to let Bill back in so I can finish undressing, and I watch him lick and suck this hot ass.

Suddenly, Bill is sliding a condom down his hard cock and lubing it up. He’s ready to fuck. I climb onto the bed and slide my cock into Tom’s warm mouth. Here I am face-fucking his hot Latino mouth as he’s getting fucked from behind.

After a while, I really wanted to top that great looking ass, so I got off the bed, put a condom on and lubed up. I tapped Bill on the shoulder, and he moved aside.

My hard cock glided right into Tom’s hole, and I started pumping in and out slow. I was getting so excited that I started to pump faster. This got me close to cumming, so I stopped and just laid myself across his back.

Then I felt a hard cock being pressed against my tight hole.

Bill is now sliding his cock in me as my cock is in Tom. Finally, I am living out my fantasy of being in the middle!! So he’s fucking me, and every time he pumps into me, I pump into Tom harder and harder, making all of us moan with pleasure. I’m getting closer and closer to cumming, and Bill whispers in my ear, “Don’t cum yet! I want you on your back, so I can fuck you again.”

We switch positions. Bill is now fucking Tom on his back as I suck Tom’s cock. He pulls out and and tells me to take a turn, so I slide back in and start fucking again. I’m getting so close now! Again, I hear “Don’t cum yet”, but I’m way over the edge by this point…

I start cumming.

Bill now pulls me off of Tom, lays me onto my back and starts fucking me again. My condom is still on, but full of my cum. It starts coming off a little. He’s pounding me hard, and I can tell he’s about to let loose. He stops before cumming, and goes back to fucking Tom.

I am now kissing Tom, feeling his great muscular body as he tenses. He’s about to shoot all over his stomach, when Bill tells him, “Go ahead, shoot your load”. Then he pulls out, rips off his condom, and both of them shoot all over his stomach.

What a fucking hot lunchtime.

3 thoughts on “It Happened On Manhunt: A Naughty Lunch Break

  1. So did Bill change condoms before fucking Tom after he fucked the writer (third last paragraph)?  Had to ask LOL.

  2. Very hot story. I’m impressed and really horny now and miss threesomes.

    I’m wondering about the condom cross contamination too, though. 3 somes and switching positions results in a ton of condoms being used but if you’re gonna share, it kinda defeats the point (for the bottoms at least).

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