Devin Moss: He’s Hung & He Knows How To Use It

It’s okay if you’re a little skeptical. We wouldn’t look at Devin Moss and immediately think, “This man needs to get inside of me now”. While you can tell from the bulge in his tighty whities that he’s obviously well-endowed, there’s one big lingering question–does he know what to do with it?

If this scene from Buckshot‘s Lucky Dreams is any indication, the answer is somewhere along the lines of “hell fucking yes”. We’ll admit that things start out pretty slow. Devin and Jacob Marteny begin with some mutual masturbation, eventually moving on to some oral action before the main event…

When it comes time to fuck, Devin stretches Jacob’s hole with his thick cock, ramming him hard and deep with each thrust. We sincerely hope that he sticks around the porn industry for a while, because we could see him evolving into a really hot daddy top… In, like, a million years from now.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

To check out Devin Moss and Jacob Marteny in action, follow the JUMP:

Click below or here for a free preview.

288 thoughts on “Devin Moss: He’s Hung & He Knows How To Use It

  1. I like this guy…he banged a blonde guy a while back on Corbin Fisher (Excelsior Productions) in a video that was MUCH hotter than this.

    The guy getting fucked in this video seems to be…a little high?

  2. I have been waiting for Manhunt to post ANYTHING about Jacob Marteny (not his real name). I spoke with him a few times right before he began his porn career. Pretty cool dude and he is also on nextdoortwinks and hazehim.

  3. And apparently this kid goes by the name of Jamie on Corbin Fisher and has done some stuff before this. Scene is called Jamie fucks Josh.

  4. Devin’s cock is one of the frequents on Damnthatsbig, something that Dewitt has featured many times before. Nice to see him finally acknowledged.

  5. touched up the ass more like it, Ionce had a fuck bud that was that big and and he used to tease me about it looked like I was in heaven when when we fucked,I was….

  6. geez, the kid’s got a major overbite. He’s also got a hot bod and a nice cock. Personally, I’d overlook the tragic lack of braces during his formative years….

  7. the word massively hung is so over used.
    it’s now not meaning anything more then above average. But this boy shocked me
    with the girth and length to pop the cherry
    of my dreams. I thought – I’d so volunteer
    for a manhunt video with a guy like that.
    It’s the girth, and the cute young ‘thang!
    Man you picked a great one today.

    But can we agree that massively hung is now reserved for BIG boys. 9 x 6 minimum. Otherwise the Palovian Dawg that I am salivates at the words and I’m let down 90% of the time. This rock.

  8. regardless, that would still hurt.

    jacob had a truly blissful look while being fucked from behind by devon.

  9. Nice! Very Nice!

    Now all he needs to do is start packing on some muscles, and he’ll have the complete “body of a God” package.

    No man would be able to resist him then.

  10. This is Jamie from Corbin Fisher – he’s been on quite a few sites actually. Vid’s of him fucking Travis and Josh on CF are superb!

  11. Damn that’s a beautiful cock on a sexy little fucker. He’s cute but when he moves more into manhood he’s gonna be fucking hot and very, very popular with that cock.

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