Who Would You Rather?: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Director Michael Bay’s latest jerking off over robots drops today. To give some credit, every review I’ve read of Transformers: This One’s Good, We Swear says that the last hour is an incredible achievement in 3-D technology and action sequences. So yeah, being a nerd, I still want to see it. There are several sexies in the cast, and we were wondering which of them would you bang if you had to choose just one? Dorky yet cute yet annoying but he’s still sorta cute Shia LaBeouf? Former soap star turned Fergie’s husband Josh Duhamel? Or the feline-eyed sex soldier we all know and love as Tyrese Gibson?

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21 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

  1. can’t wait to see this movie. i hope michael bay realized the mistakes from Transformers 2 and corrected them. Not that 2 was bad, but it wasn’t as good as the first one.

  2. Sorry bois!

    This Movie Sucks Major Pussy!

    Basket Case Bay Clearly








  3. I’ve always had a thing for the jock like guys. Josh is one guy I’d love to flirt with.

  4. were it not for the stupid ink, I would have gone with tyrese…. but instead i went with josh.

  5. From that pic i would go with Tyrese. He must have gotten back in shape (unless thats an older picture)

  6. Although I voted 4 Ty  I would have NO problem N FUCKING the hell out of Josh as well !! both seem like they could take a good HARD FUCK ………..  LOL N my fantasy (  Which both Josh & Ty have had equally starring roles )  have had there GORGEOUS asses  FUCKED good & HARD !!!

  7. Okay, I literally got home from watching the film not 20 mins ago. Sadly, I don’t think Josh takes his shirt off at all(the film is 2h and 45min long, can’t recall everything). Last hour was probably some of the best action I have ever seen.

  8. I went to see this movie today and I enjoyed it. Josh is very sexy with a nice front and back package.
    Shia has a flat ass. Tyrese have a nice sex pack and some beautiful white teeth. I would love to see Josh frontal naked.

  9. I just saw this movie recently & it was fuck’n EPIC…all tha guys in this flick were hot including tha no named jumpers & army dudes carring the guns, ahhhhhh what a dream it would’ve been 2 b inside that circle…lol!!!

  10. Josh did a frontal photo shot for one of photographer Greg Gorman’s books back in his All My Children days. I have the book tucked away somewhere but I can’t recall the title right now. If you dig around the internet I am sure you can find the photos (or just order the book itself). 

  11. Seriously? Shia actually beat Tyrese? Well on a site like this I shouldn’t be surprised.

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